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HR Case Solution


Analyzingproblemsandchallengeswithperspectiveandinsight.Havingthecapacityforflexibleandinnovative thing.Seeinghowthevariouspartsorfacetsofproblemare interrelevent.


Situation Mr. John is a newly appointed hiring manager at the ABC Designs International Organization.  He is responsible for hiring new employees who can provide benefits to the organization.  After working there for six months, Mr. John left his previous job at the BEST DESIGN COMPANY, as he was looking for better opportunities. After guidance from the senior management, the hiring manager sent out the advertisements back in August 2018, stating that the company was looking for new sales staff. The company was ready to hire five sales employees, with 0 to 1 year of previous experience. After receiving around 50 job applications, Mr. John called 30 people for the interview and selected the top five individuals he found fit for the organization. But soon after the hiring, newly appointed sales staff quit their job and left.  Another advertisement was posted for the same position in October 2018, and Mr. John again appointed five new sales staff, and they also left the organization after working there fora few months. John was exhausted after doing the same activity of posting new advertisements, conducting interviews, and hiring new employees. The hiring manager felt frustrated with the HR-department. No matter how many people he employs, they don’t stay long enough in the company. Whomever he hires quits the job within-just a few months. The company needs sales staff and pays a handsome amount for it (more than what other organizations-usually spend). The HR department cannot figure out how to improve their hiring process so that the employees they hire would stay in the organization.
Task When it comes to critical thinking the HR executive does the following:

·         Examine problems, and hurdles with insightful.

·         Examining how numerous parts of a problem relate to each other.

Following are the questions HR executive raised after critically thinking over the problem:

·         Why don’t the newly hired employees stay long enough in the organization?

·         Is the hiring manager equipped or capable enough to recognize the competency?

·         Is there is a connection between the competency of the employee and the length of service?

·         Does the selection process need an improvement?

·         Does management practices need to change?

Action The HR executive took charge and performed an in-depth investigation to understand the key issues, problems, and opportunities.

Senior employees were asked about the new recruitments, the company’s work environment, etc. This was done to develop an effective strategy for next hiring phase.

Results After critically analyzing the situation, the HR department concluded that:

·         Newly hired manager lacks competency. There is a competency deficiency.

·         There is a connection between the competency of the employee and the length of service. The newly appointed manager could not continue his previous job for a more extendedperiod because he lacked the proper skills to continue.

·         The main problem lies with the employees’ selection process.



Makinguseofthevarioustechnologiestobestadvantage.Seeingthepossibilitiesinemergingtechnologies.Managing theimplementationofnewtechnologies.


Situation XYZ Company is in business for more than 50 years. It is known for providing the best raw materials and products that are later used in designing bags and shoes across Europe. The company supplies raw materials to almost all the big names in the fashion industry. Their products can be seen being displayed in the Paris Fashion show runway as famous designers use them. They have around 150 clients. The company manufactures its products in China, and then the products are exported to European designers. Currently, about 500 employees are working in XYZ manufacturing plant in China. XYZ company was established more than 50 years ago, and since then,it has adopted to use of technology but to a very minimum extent.

The company used modern technologies to maintain its clients’ records and products but did not consider giving an equal amount of importance to the employee records. The company keeps its employees’ track record in an excel file on a computer in the HR department. To take the backup of that file, the HR department would make multiple copies of the file and save it in different computers across the department and in USBs. Recently, the company decided to hire Mrs. Shelly Smith for the position of HR manager. The previous manager Mr. Billy retired from the role of the HR manager after 30 years of service.  When Mrs. Shelly started her job, she immediately identified the depraved practices used to record the XYZ company’s employees. She decided to change this practice and adopt new technologies to maintain the employees’ records.

Task When it comes to technology usage, HR executive does the following:

·         Identify technologies to use, and identify old practices.

·         Identifying the possibilities in emerging technologies.

·         Managing the implementation and use of new technologies

Following are the problems that the HR executive have identified:

·         Employee records are being maintained using old practices.

·         Backup of the employees’ record file is made on all the computers of the department.

·         Every employee of the HR department has access to employee details.

·         There is a possibility that information integrity is compromised as anyone can access and change it.

·         Anyone can copy any of the company’s confidential information in USB’s.

·         Modern technological practices are not being implemented.

Action  Following are the actions that the executive should take:

·         Maintaining employee records by using secure databases.

·         Hiring a new employee who can manage the database.

·         No one except the database manager can access the records.

·         Take file backup using cloud technology.

·         Take a backup of the previous employee records on the database as well.

·         Delete employee information from every system in the HR department.

·         Block USB access tothe employees’ systems.

Results After implementing the changes mentioned above in the HR department, the department employees’ increased efficiency levelwill be seen. The records willbe maintained, and the confidentiality of the employee information will be kept.



Collecting & using data effectively in the HR decision-making process. Integrating the work of others into the organizational practice.


Situation BLU Bakers have been in business for some years. When its sole competitor in the area went bankrupt,BLU decides to take the edge and take over the competing market. A different idea was put forth by the top executives for this purpose, and soon BLU started to seek its goals actively. Teams were assigned to survey the gap created in the market. Mr. Surrey is one of the BLU’s exception employees who came forward and put the idea ahead that they should also try and take over their competitors’ firm to prevent further competition. After his statement was approved, he took his team of 7 and sat down with ABC company to negotiate the deal. BLU soon became the area’s sole provider of baked goods.
Task It is the responsibility of a HR professional to research and collect data and use that data for the benefit of an organization.

Following are the problems that the HR executive identified:

·         Would a merger be a better option as compared to acquiring an already bankrupt company?

·         What kind of benefit would the employees be expecting if the negotiations succeeded?

·         Are their other’s employees motivated enough, like MR. Surrey, to come forth with their ideas that would help the company grow?

·         To determine other leadership and decision making tendencies that ran in their employees.

·         Would teams dedicated to their tasks are equipped enough to determine the gaps in the market

Action Thorough research was conducted to answer the questions. Previous team work reports of the employees assigned for market surveys were analyzed to determine if they were team players. Employees were boasted to about MR. Surrey’s success to see if others felt motivated enough to participate in its decision-making process. Several workshops were arranged to find the company’s hidden leadership gems, and detailed research of the ABC company was carried to see if its employees are seeking any benefit out of the possible merger or takeover.
Results The research skills helped determine the right people for teamwork. Also resulting in a successful merger, the professional felt satisfaction as he noticed the high motivation level of BLU’s employees.


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