HP China Case Solution & Answer

HP China Case Solution

Therefore, the HP should adopt the incentive system and enhance leadership qualities and to produce customer centric PCs with the help of hiring IT technicians that will help to create the values for solving the problems and help in improving the company’s performance by continuous learning to adopt new technologies in order to fulfill the needs of world.

Leadership Concept:

The leadership concepts provide the idea of good leaders, who are developed through never ending process of education, teamwork, and experience and they inspire workers for higher level of teamwork to achieve the stated culture of organization (i.e. mission, goal and structure).

However, the leadership has various jobs to do such as: convince the followers who reside in the company and interact with the external consumers for the success of the company’s operations. As HP is facing problem related to the employees,it can be managed by following factors that include:

  • To make good relationship with seniors that might help in making good decision
  • Appreciate the skills of followers and motivate them by providing incentive and flexible time to work
  • To make the company organized as to eliminate the informal systems and follow professional system

High Business Performance or better outcome:

It can be occurred through balancing the current and future opportunities and needs; to better perform from those of competitors in revenue generation, profitability and total return on investments and last but not the least,to sustain the environment and social responsibility for business cycle and changes in management that would lead HP to grow in key markets. All in all; HP is taking reasonable steps in making new profitable businesses by adopting the long term corporate citizen model and add value in order to get the reputable market position.

Future positioning:

HP’s sustainability procedure has built up the organization as a keypioneer in the business that provides an advantage of the first-mover opportunities and first pick of top suppliers, workers, and accomplices. Along with this, the change in infrastructure and distribution technologies align its company’s operations in this emerging market and helps to get the competitive advantage and increases the new growth opportunities.


HP’s leadership in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability provide the company a powerful stage to work with competitors in the same industry that will help in building alliances and integrate the communication with key stakeholders.Moreover,better leadership would help to achieve the long term outcome by investing in suppliers and other partners in order to improve the working and living standards in China.


HP has always remained competent in long term planning and vision. Extra products and marketing advancements are set up for the long term too, and the organization has built up driven objectives in regions like carbon discharges. It is obvious that HP plans to accomplish and hold leading positions in as many places as possible with strategies that have long term success view. Also, the HP is maintaining its long term culture based on CSR values by maintaining positive a relationship with its suppliers and partners.


This implies that HP must follow difficult way instead of the simple way to achievement and should stop attempting to gain other innovation organizations, as past leaders did, and as Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO) is currently doing. This procedure doesn’t work in the Software and Hardware business, where the products and services of the acquired organizations turn into commodity once the acquisition is finished…………………

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