Hospital Software Solutions (A) Case Study Solution


Natalie MacLachlan completed her HBA (Honors Business Administration) program from the University of Western Ontario- Ivey School of Business. MacLachlan was always a high achiever, who always remained keen to improve her performance. MacLachlan participated in many competitive activities, including: Business 020 case competition, and was awarded numerous scholarships. She was considered to be a very good teammate and an even-tempered person. After completing her education, MacLachlan decided to have achangeling job, through which she could explore more opportunities and increase her learning skills. In February 2005, MacLachlan was appointed as a project manager at the Hospital Software Solutions (HSS).

Problem Statement

After being appointed as the Project Manager, MacLachlan was happy to have gotten this challenging job. But later on, MacLachlangot appointed as a Customer Care Team Lead, which was also a leading as well as a challenging job, which she accepted. After being employed, she was assigned with the data entry task, including: the customer care team’s lead position. Thus, this overburden created a number of problems for MacLachlan,which marked her as a weakperformer.(Stornelli, 2007).

Question: 1

Actions of Maclachlan AND Worthnigton

When MacLachlan joined HSS as a team leader for Customer Care, she  faced a number of problems, including excessiveor very limited interactions with managers. On her first day, MacLachlan was assigned with the data entry tasks rather than being assigned with her job position’s tasks. In addition to this, before MacLachlan’s joined the company; she was first offered with the project manager’s position and later on she was switched at the Customer care team lead’s position. MacLachlan performed data entry job, but Mr. Chow was unsatisfied with her performance. When April Worthington, the manager of customer care at HSS, returned from her maternity leave, she met with MacLachlan. Worthington was very optimistic towards each task and approached every task on urgent basis. Thus, she wanted her subordinates to respond in the same manner. When MacLachlan saw different workers, who were working from home; she started to work from home as well, in order to manage a number of tasks she was assigned. MacLachlan did not take any permission form her immediate boss, and considered working from home to be the usual routine of workers. MacLachlan also faced numerous issues becauseof her office location.

McClellands need theory

McClellands need theory divided into three main categories by defining the need appropriations- power, affiliation and achievement. From the very start MacLachlan was admired by her teachers for the high performance. Thus, she wanted to excel in each criterion of her life. Moreover, during her job, she failed to manage complex tasks because of overburden. But, MacLachlan continued to completethis difficult taskfrom home. On the other hand, Worthington was her immediate boss and have power over employees. She used this power ina negative way and didn’t understand hereemployees’ issues well.

Question: 2

Current Leadership Style

HSS was found by the software engineers of the University of Ottawa, in 1999. The leaders were very keen and loyal with their business, and almost spent most of their timesat office. While, the culture of the organization was individualistic, where employees were responsible for their own work, and the collaboration between management and employees was very limited. The employees could only interact with an upper management with the help of computer messaging programs, monthly newspaper and the fewer team meetings. Employees could not make a direct contact with the upper management and relied on the instructional documents for further assistance. Thus, the leadership style was authoritarian, where employees got the orders and worked accordingly, without any assistance. The direction of command was not specific, and one employee could get orders form a number of leaders.(AH Eagly, MC Johannesen-Schmidt, 2003)…………………………….


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