Hitting The Brick Wall: The Challenge Of Finding More Food Services Workers Case Solution & Answer

Hitting The Brick Wall: The Challenge Of Finding More Food Services Workers Case Solution 

Problem Statement

As the result of increase in the volume of employees at the OPG sites, Sodexo food service area was affected due to the pressure of extra customers. The main challenge was hiring extra staff under security clearance requirement because this clearance could take long procedure due to the volume of applicants for both businesses i.e., OPG and Sedexo. The situation at the OPG sites was causing frustration in management and human resource employees as insufficient employment levels would increase waiting time of customers, increase stress level, and low level of confidence for foreground employees of Sedexo.


Situation Analysis:

Under the given situation, the company planning to recruit new employees into the business, but the candidate is required to drive forward through the time-consuming hiring process. Exit employee survey reveals that new recruited employees frustrated with this lengthy process and quit the job after the first shift. At OPG, there were different levels of compulsory clearance requirements for both OPG and Sodexo workers because of security issues in the business. There are risks and dangers involve related with working in such an environment could be enormous and might actually put lives in danger if not took care of appropriately.The OPG area was remote and not promptly available by open transportation. There were no transports or tram/train courses accessible to get to the plant offices, and the nearest drop-off areas were not inside strolling distance. The OPG worker have more wages than Sodexo workers due to levels of expertise and education, so usually employees more likely refer their family and friends to OPG than to Sodexo. When shutdown situation happened in OPG, company usually layoff its employees but this time there are addition of thousands of employees which created pressure on Sodexo human resource management due to increase in number of customers. As the process takes six to eight weeks, management need quick alternatives to cater this challenge.

SWOT Analysis


  • One of the prime strengths of the Sodexo is its geographic presence in different regions. It operates in France, Canada and globally which reaches to variety of consumers in different market-sector to ensures the easy accessibility.
  • Sodexo is market leader of food provider and facilities management services deals with 1000 clients daily.
  • Sodexo’s strong relationships have been developed with huge market industries of Canada like OPG which allow it to cater maximum customer base.
  • Its revenue sources from diverse field such as post-secondary institutions, private schools, corporate business, health care centers, and industries.
  • Sodexo is people-oriented organization, who provides numerous incentive and perks to it employees in order to encourage engagement and an inclusion in workplace.


  • Due to nature of business, there are certain factors that made recruiting process lengthy because of different levels of security clearance at OPG site.
  • Minimum expenditure in Research & Development activities in some sectors which keep company relevant to the new market trends.
  • Entrance to OPG sites become difficult due to the nature of plant and its security clearance check posts.
  • As the location of OPG was remote, there were no source of transportation available for Sodexo’s employees to access the plant facilities……………………
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