Change Initiative

While developing the changeinitiatives, the company pursued the workshopstrategy that allowed each of the employees to talk to any other employers in the companythrough an informal channel, allowing them to communicate the values and the set of issues openly. Such approach has been initiated in order to reduce the tall hierarchy impact on employeesand improve the overall efficiencyof theorganizationbyimproving the communication channel.

Sincein the past, the long hierarchy and bureaucracyresisted the flow of communication, the workshop strategy made the company to pursue open communication strategy, leading to improved employee performance and loyalty with the company.

Under the given initiative, the internal membershave been opted to lead the workshops, and made it compulsory for the individuals toattend, in order to amplify the impact of the approach on overallorganization.This also made the companyto pursue the bottom upapproach,leading to import communication.

Apart from this, suchapproachalso made the employees to offer live feedback, makingthe management see the loop hole and then develop the counterstrategy to keep the employees intact with the company. The change initiativetoimprove communication, resulted in better feedback planand also improved the employees engagement, leading to better performance and hence productivity.

How did employees respond to the change and communication
efforts? Why they did react as they did?

During the change initiative and workshop approach, theemployees showedgreat commitment and engagement with the workshop.This can be seen from the active participationand the response they offered to the visions strategyshared and the other initiatives, making the workshop interactive.

Moreover, after the workshop was done, the employees gathered in order to perform the assignedtask aligned with the HPCL vision.The active participationand the unit among the employeesdepicted the influence of the change on the employees, leading to better adaption and ultimatelyperformance.

In addition to this, after the workshop, the employees used the target strategy to target and findthecustomers.This was due to theempowering ofemployeesandallowing them to make mistakes, making employees take risk in findingtherightcustomer and thus promoting the pro-active approach in the market. Also, under the particular strategy, the teamsremaincommitted to the strategy developed due to the authorityoffered and the empowerment of theemployees.

Hence it can be said that the employees remain intact with the change and perform the mentioned task due to the sense ofownership,empowerment and authority offered, that offers them satisfaction andsense of achievement, motivating them to perform better in the organization.

Which HR Practices support HPCL’s BusinessModel?

By analyzing the overall HR role and practices, it can be suggested that the open communication operated by one-way and two way channelshelped the organization to attain the new business mode.In doing so, the employees have been given the freedom to communicate with the management and informally discuss the issues, visionand feedback,leading to better understanding of the issuesand the resolution of the given problems.

In addition to this, the HR developed the clear leadership plan, in order to motivate the employees to perform and take the lead in order to improve the performance of the company.In doing so, it empowered the employees and anchored the change mentors to drive the change effectively………………..

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