Hillsboro County Community Health Needs Assessment Case Solution & Answer

Hillsboro County Community Health Needs Assessment Case Solution

Based on the median ages calculated, the town that can be said to have the oldest median age is Boalsburg therefore new nursing homes should be opened in this town. As the most number of individuals who are expected to be 65 years or above have residence in this town and these number of individuals can get easily to nursing homes. Minor town and Carterville also have median ages above 50 years, which shows that in future these towns might have more number of people with age 65 or above.

Health Priorities

It is expected that the demand for the health and medical care is both closely associated with the demographic characteristics. In order to identify the improvement in the health services, it is necessary to analyze the demographic characteristics and the changes expected in these characteristics.

It is expected that the following factors will affect the health priorities of the county;

Age Group

As the average age increases in the county, it will be required to make more nursing homes that can look after adults or people who cannot perform their routine tasks themselves. As in the Hillsboro County the median age is 32.86 years which is greater than the median age in US, therefore the Hillsboro County is required to make additional adjustments to for its older citizens.


Gender differences also affect the health priorities in the county as the administration has to ensure if female population is increasing in the county, then it spends additional expenditures on maternal homes or clinics which provide health care to females regarding child births and other matters.

Total Population Growth

As the total population is growing in the county, the administration is faced with constraints such as to increase budgets for the health and care activities for the community. It needs to spend additional on general facilities that should be provided to the community. This will require real increase in the budget that is increases after adjusting inflations.

Significant ratio of older age citizens

Since there is significant number of people in between age of 55-65 and above as per data and statistics, this implies that there will be more old people that will require increased health care services and even some will need real-time medical care. Thus, this indicates that there should be more space or room and bed in the hospital so that services can be provided to the older age peoples with real-time surveillance. This also requires paramedical staff so thatthese problems couldbe addressed.

Health insurance

As per the data, it can be seen that there is less number of children in between age 0-14. From this it can be implied that there is low rate of birth and low rate of new born per household. This results in more aged population with less young ones. The young ones will face difficulty in providing their aged relatives and family members who are not able to work or are retired. Thus, the solution might be that these old aged should take health insurance and in the coverage of medical or health insurance there will be fewer burdens on the youngsters and there will be overall prosperity in the county.

Hospital Comparison (Specific Hospital Utilization Statistics)

It is expected that 2014 faces a big number of new HIV cases and the number are decreasing however,it is smaller as compared to other states. 23 persons from 100,000 are infected from HIV in Hillsboro while the figures reach to 50 in other states. Hillsboro is very much centered to its health services. However, they still have occupancy of 94 % of bed of which a very small number of elder population are in nursing homes. The major populated towns of Hillsboro county Middleboro and jasper have huge growth in population. This show that sooner there will be aneed for occupancy. They should develop more nursing homes and care centers and need to put more effort on health care…………..

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