Hermes International Case Solution & Answer

Hermes International Case Study Solution


Hermes International is a company that manufacturesluxury goods, and now it is considered to be well known and iconic brand, which is recognized on a global scale. It was founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermes, and was launched in the market of Paris where its headquartered is located tilldate.  Initially,Thierry Hermes focused on manufacturing goods, such as: bridle, saddles and riding gears made solely from the leather, therefore; these goods can only be afforded by the elite class of the society.The later company manufactured more products, such as: bags and gold jackets.(Company, 2018)

With time Hermes decided to enter into the different markets, in an attempt to attract consumers from different segments, which is how he diversified the business and started to manufacture goods, such as: handbags, travel bags, clothing and accessories, and now it has 370 stores in the global market, employing over 13,000 individuals.

According to the philosophy of the company’s founder; quality and refinement is the priority which must be indulged within the company’s culture.Therefore, he focused to motivate the craftsman of the goods and gave them freedom for design and innovation for the best quality of goods,which became the reason behind Hermes doing exceptionally well in the market for 181 years.

Brand analysis

Brand inventory

Heritage and history:

In 1855 Hermes started manufacturing high-quality goods, which were harnesses and bridles for the noblemen of society. The company won the first-class medal for the goods manufactured for participating in the fair whichwas held in 1867 to display high-quality goods in Paris.In 1880 Thierry Hermes’s son, Charles Emile took charge of the company after his father’s death.

In 1918,the company introduced the first golf jacket with a zipper,which was specially designed for the Prince of Wales. It played a major role inthe company’s brand value in the market. After that, Hermes didn’t stop and year after year, it manufactureddifferent ranges of products, such as: scarfs, bags, accessories, boots, hats, clothing and perfumes.

Brand symbols

Hermes chose a Duc carriage with a horse and a rider standing next to it as its symbol from the 1950s till date, so that its origination doesn’t fade away, because initially,the company manufactured goods that were used for riding a horse.The company’s symbol also represents the nobility and trustworthiness ashorse is considered to be a noble and a loyal animal. Initially, the background of the logo was white, then black and now it is orange as this color attracted customers when the company used it for packaging. (See Appendix 1)


Hermes offers different varieties of packaging fordifferent range of products,according to their sizes and shapes; therefore, packaging varies from round, square and rectangle. However,the color of the packaging is constant,which is orange. There is a philosophy of thecompany behind choosing this color,as orange color reflects creativity, attraction and joy. Moreover, it was highly appreciated by the customers and it also added value to the products…………………………………


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