This Case is about ACCOUNTING

PUBLICATION DATE: January 14, 2016 PRODUCT #: W16008-HCB-ENG

On the 8th of May, 2012, the president of Hefei Xingtai Financial Holding Group (Xingtai) received a message from the senior officer of Hefei Municipal Government, the company’s authorizing body, demanding that Xingtai supply financial support to PanTeng Company (PanTeng), a solar power manufacturing company. PanTeng had been turned down by Xingtai Financing Guaranty, one of the subsidiary companies in Xingtai, due to the possibly high degree of guarantee threat. If a guarantee was supplied by Xingtai, it may be liable to reimburse the loan due to PanTeng’s high risk business, lose its risk management expertise, and confront additional infractions. Nevertheless, refusing the senior officer’s request would hamper the significant relationship together with the local government in Xingtai. Should Xingtai approve the loan and take a chance, or should it refuse the guarantee? Jiuchang Wei is affiliated with University of Technology and Science China. Lei Zhou is affiliated with University of Technology and Science.

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