Health Data Management and Knowledge Discovery Case Study Solution


In the above figures of the three related samples, it has been identified that there are various results performed under different sequences. In light to define the decision tree, the variables are rooted with each other and shows relationships in the form of changing values in each interval of time. The first sample, however, is considered to be the best one because it shows various roots that are interlinked with each of the selected variables. On the other hand,the other samples indicate the moderate level of decision tree analysis and show relevancy of one over another.

Association Rules- Interpretations

The results comprise of the top ten association rules that should be applied in order to implement the data properly and related to the attribute outcomes. However, the study indicates the top five rules that must be included to increase the efficiency of the results as well as the outcome that the study must include. These rules provide accurate method of how such data would be analyzed under the given terms and conditions, and that they allow the results to match with the expected values that meet the standards of such rules.


After analyzing the results, it is concluded that the research questions, which the researchers were facing were still not applicable to prove because the past researches indicated the irrelevancy of the outcome based on the predicted results. The study also found similar situation, where each class was matched with the variables like blood pressure and other medical treatment criteria.

Under the health perspective, it is determined that this is a natural phenomenon where every situation is based on the unpredictable result on natural occurrence. On the other hand, study is limited and it requires researching further in order to provide efficient outcome to predict more accurately. Therefore, such future research should be based on the historical result of the class and should be predicted according to the average figure.


It is concluded that the data is collected from health data and knowledge discovery, where each dependent variable is analyzed with the class (independent) by the use of Weak to predict the relationships and expected outcome under the method of J48 algorithm and discretionary. The results are favorable towards age factor due to the fact that the old age people would utilize more predictions of health concerns as compared to the younger ones……………….

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