HDFC Bank – Securing Online Banking Case Solution

The Chief Information and Security (CISO) of HDFC Bank Ltd, a leading private sector bank in India, the options before him in strengthening security in online banking are examined after a phishing attack on customers bank. The introduction of an additional level of security involving new gateways for each online transaction seems inevitable. But the RSSI must deal with customer convenience, which is becoming a source of differentiation in a competitive banking scenario. The case provides an opportunity for students to develop a work plan for the RSSI in improving online safety of a new generation bank.
Indranil Bose,
R. Chandrasekhar
Source: University of Hong Kong
20 pages.
Publication Date: March 8, 2011. Prod #: HKU920-PDF-ENG
HDFC Bank – Case Settlement secure online banking

HDFC Bank – Securing Online Banking Case Solution
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