Have Text, Will Travel: Can Airbnb Use Review Text Data to Optimize Profits Case Solution & Answer

Have Text, Will Travel: Can Airbnb Use Review Text Data to Optimize Profits? Case Study Solution


Airbnb is a P to P (personal to personal) platform that serves people, people and people, and aims to support people around the world. It was created in 2008 to connect the owners of villas, apartments, flats, houses and even mansions with potential tenants. Airbnb provides brokerage services, accommodation and lodging between owners and residents. This is a challenge in the hotel industry in terms of professionalism. The three most important characteristics of an Airbnb experience are: comfort, location and ownership. The company lists all the properties listed on its website, rather than taking action against the market competitors involved in various rental platform operations. This makes the company an ideal candidate for using web-scraping tools to gather high-capacity data and text, providing an opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the fastest-growing competition. The site is based on a scoring system, in which guests and hosts are ranked based on effects and lists.(Venkaatesan, 2016).

Problem Statement

The online community market provides services to thousands of potential hotels worldwide, for renting their own apartments and houses. The prospective owner’s goal is to attract the customers through the company’s website, who would be willing to pay a high price to stay in such homes for the short period of time, and the company’s goal is to improve the effectiveness of the reviews provided by the customers, thus turning them into profits. The company strives to improve its performance and guest satisfaction, in order to take advantage of constant tenant and guest prices. In addition, the current problem is that the purpose of text mining is to examine individual sentences and words, and if they are used out of context; they can change the data. The use of positive and negative words in a sentence can distort the data, making the detection method inaccurate and unreliable.


Customer Value:

Airbnb offers customers the value of a home trip provided by multiple hosts. Homeowners can list their homes on the Airbnb website and ask the customers to rent their homes in a short amount of time. They know that customers are willing to pay the highest price, thereby increasing the effectiveness of customer feedback and attracting more consumers to travel sites.


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