Harley Davidson Motor Company Case Solution & Answer

Harley Davidson Motor Company Case Solution

While changing a transformational culture, the new strategy, structure, systems, processes and technology that are being implemented are unusual from the current situation that they require people to adopt new ways of being, working, and relating in order to execute. New ways without these do not come to life and deliver the performance for which it was considered. Cultural change can be difficult to execute because values and beliefs are difficultto change. In order tomake sure that these efforts are creating fundamental changes that will last, working at each of these levels should also include inspection of potential risks, barrier, and obstacles to success. It is important to assess perceptions at each of these levels early and often and to make plans to deal with the conclusion. In order tamendbehavior throughout an organization, the companies should consider the different factors that control behavior, including individual beliefs. The link between an individual’s beliefs and their behavior is well implicit.

In order tounderstand the culture, we need to study the leader or organization as to what are the organization’s beliefs,values, attitude, and approach. Afterwards, the organizationalstructure needs to be understood (i.e. hierarchy tall or flat), along with the management style andcontrol system. Whetheremployeesare controlled through cost controls, quality control, human resource, technology, etc. then rituals and routine (daily routines) timing, punctuality, strictness, late stetting need to be considered.

Moreover, the stories, past events or history of an organization need to be understood, asthis will help in identifying the protagonists and the antagonists in the organization. Lastly, the symbols should be considered, which indicate the external appearance of the organization (i.e. logos, staff titles).

Section 2:  Provider Analysis  

This is an important step because it createslong-term relation with a supplier, since purchasing software is an investment for Harley Davidson, therefore before investing proper analysis is necessary.The team has considered final three providers; the following is the analysis of the software providers.

A) Provider1 (pros/cons)

Provider 1 is fulfilling all the requirements defined in RFQ, another factor is that the provider ilassofrom the same culture as Harley Davidson. In self-evaluation checklist provider 1got 93.4%, and it seems that functionality was not enough good, another best option for the provider istatthey are aware of management issues, and that change process and training to employees areintegral parts of an implementation. Moreover, they chargefewer prices than other software providers.

Although all of these bbenefitthesoftware package did not provide web enablement but iintegratepartner solution to achieve this. Ialsodistinguished itself by giving appropriate answers which acknowledged HarleyDavidson’s style and became more comfortable with the casual. Another factor is that it is not a leader but is new in this industry, tthusreliability component seems to be missing.

During the company’s visit, the SIK team felt more comfortable with the broader.

b) Provider 2   (pros/cons)

On the other hand, provider 2 is an early leader major supplier and seems to be a reliable supplier. Provider 2 is a major supplier of software in this industry. In self-evaluation, the provider 2 got 98.7%, functionality was perfect, but the cost washigher than other ssoftware

It representatives were extremelyprofessionals, even more formal as compared to Harley Davidson’s. Provider 2does not provide training to employees instead itprovides writing training documentation. It does not emphasize on the methods or process for assessing organizational change and preparing people for a change.

   c) Provider 3    (pros/cons)

Provider 3 is also a major ERP player and satisfied 96.8% of self-evolution test, therefore functionality was not fully demonstrated. The case study indicated that the initial presentation was a disaster because the suppliers’ representative was too late and also they did not meet the representatives from the company with whom they were teaming up with. Provider 3 had not initially distinguished itself from other providers. The software proposal was considered as boilerplate…………………

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