This Case is about BRANDING


In the year 2011, Haier, China’s leading appliance manufacturer, had over $20 billion in global sales and had only been named the top refrigerator manufacturer world-wide. Haier had followed a nontraditional growth strategy of entering America as a market player as well as the developed markets of Europe before venturing into nearby Asian marketplaces and Middle Eastern markets. Looking forward to the subsequent decade, Haier CEO Zhang Ruimin saw chances for Haier to grow through extra market penetration and product diversification in emerging and developed markets. He and his co-workers would depend on their experience of restructuring the organization, entering and keeping new markets, getting numerous businesses, and handling hundreds of subsidiary companies all over the world. They would have to find out which of the lessons learned from the international businesses of Haier ought to be executed in China and which skills could be used abroad.

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