Groupo Bimbo Case Case Solution & Answer

Groupo Bimbo Case

Bargaining power of suppliers

The bargaining power of supplier for the company is quite strong. The extreme degree of rivalry among providers in the business will in general diminish the costs to the makers. It is positive for Grupo Bimbo. Moreover the low switching cost is another positive component for the company.

Threat of substitutes

Since the company has the diverse and nutritional product level, so the threat of substitutes for the company is quite low. The company is doing quite well in gaining customer attraction and are trying their best to do in future as well.

Threat of new competitors

The solid dispersion network is significant for the association to limit the cost and costs of the items. The costs expected to assemble major areas of strength for an appropriation could influence Grupo Bimbo decidedly.

Competitive rivalry

The competitive rivalry is major areas of strength for firms participated in the selling of excellent and nutritious baked items to its clients at a cutthroat cost. The main four player in the baked shop industry represent roughly 11.7% of the general market. Moreover, the size of the business is huge which permits numerous organizations to deliver to thrive without taking the portion of the overall industry from each other. For Grupo Bimbo, huge size of industry is positive.

PESTLE Analysis

The PESTLE analysis is used to analyze the company’s external environment and the external factors that comprehend them. Appendix 4 shows the Grupo Bimbo Pestle analysis.

Alternative options

As the organization has planned to go into US and China markets, it needs to confront globalization challenges. The organization needs to adjust its main goal, values with its worldwide development methodology. For this reason, assortment of options are recorded underneath which could help the organization in lengthy run;

Alternative#1 Acquisition

Grupo Bimbo can get an organization to expand on strength and shortcomings of the organization being gained. The possible pros and cons for this option are as following;

Alternative#2 geographic extension

Another alternative for the company would be geographical expansion. The pros and cons of this alternative includes;

Strategic Recommendations

After analyzing all the internal and external factors, it is recommended for the company to promote geographical expansion. The organization ought to advance community area projects and deal assorted items in different sizes in various business sectors, for example China and United States. Likewise, the organization ought to build its distribution endeavors and start hypermarkets and neighborhood shops. Additionally, through maintainability and productivity, mix and combination, the organization would better further develop its business tasks. Moreover the company should invest in CSR activities and maintain its product activities and expand growth.

Moreover, the leadership competencies required to manage the company includes high ethical standards and compliant standards. The representatives can summon the higher limit of the brand for development, social commitment, desire and inventiveness in a protected work space. To give clear heading to the representatives additionally permits them to arrange their work and time, which is another authority ability….

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