Groom Energy Solutions: Selling Efficiency Case Solution

Groom Energy Solutions helps organizations reduce their energy consumption and costs through the implementation? Practice energy efficiency measures that create economic and environmental benefits in the long run. With the first success in serving customers in the cold room and manufacturing areas, seven years, the company must now decide whether to continue the expansion in these segments or transition in detail and commercial office buildings, the potential supply growth and unique challenges. Groom Energy must also decide what geographical regions offer the best opportunity. This case study provides background on the history of the industry in energy efficiency, the paradox of energy efficiency and the benefits and challenges of a focus on the implementation? PART Company Emergency Measures efficiency. The case is especially relevant for courses focused on energy management, environmental sustainability, and entrepreneurship in the areas of energy and sustainable development.
Michael W. Toffel,
Kira Fabrizio,
Stephanie van Sice
Source: Harvard Business School
34 pages.
Release Date: February 1, 2013. Prod #: 613054-PDF-ENG
Case Solution Sales Effectiveness: Groom Energy Solutions

Groom Energy Solutions: Selling Efficiency Case Solution
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