Got Slogan Guidelines for Creating Effective Slogans Case Solution

Slogans are a key element of brand identity and contribute to brand equity. In today’s market, most brands use slogans, improve image, with a brand recognition and recall, and help create a brand differentiation in the consumer mind. If there is a general consensus on the importance of the device itself, there is little agreement on what constitutes a successful slogan. Although marketers widely used slogans, often at a loss when it comes to creating them. In turn, this leads to an inefficient use of slogans and, finally, the possibility of a bad surprise connection between a brand and its slogan, even among the best known brands. To explore this phenomenon, surveys of articles from a variety of academic courses related to chants, and supported by industry publications for the case studies also relevant. It offers a set of guidelines for the strategy behind slogans, and the creation and use of effective slogans.
Chiranjeev Kohli,
Leuthesser Lanza,
Rajneesh Suri
Source: Business Horizons
8 pages.
Release: September 15, 2007. Prod #: BH249-PDF-ENG
Retrieved motto? Guidelines for creating effective slogans Case Solution

Got Slogan Guidelines for Creating Effective Slogans Case Solution
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