In order to deal with the underlyingissue the first thing Google should do is, it must incorporate mentoring sessions in which the top managers get in direct contact with the CEO and VP of the company and the VP or CEO act as mentors to develop the inspirational and aspiring trait among the managers. This will make a bridge for mangers to learn the traits by experiencing and getting in direct contact.

  • In order to develop an effective feedback system, the company mustincorporate 360 degree feedback and evaluation process, by which not only the employees rate the managers but managers from other departments offer their feedback foremployees as well. This will open various dimensions of improving the role of the manager. Moreover, the approach will help in sustaining the essence of the project oxygen which offers updated findings to improve the leadership style of the managers.
  • The company has to develop a culture of innovation more firmly into the organization while also sticking to the valuesoffered by Oxygen 8to accomplish the task.Google should adopt oxygen 8 traits as the mission statement of the company which will engrave the graveness of the quality of good managerswhile also offering an open platform for the mangers to develop and devise better traits of leadership which could add in Oxygen 8 while also promotingdemocraticlean structure of the organization.



Assess the limitations and strengths of your recommended course of action; describe the drawbacks of your preferred course of action, and how the strengths exceed these limitations


  • The company wants to offer a career development path to the managers and also integrating the traits of the top management into the managers which will make them the managers thatthe world wants to interact with.The mentorship program will offer a platform to the managers to learn from the top VP and CEO of the organization by interacting with them and learning how they work and deal with matters, what their leadership style is, and how they manage the teams.This will help Google in accomplishing the aim of Project Oxygen
  • Making the Oxygen 8 traits a part of the mission statement will signal that these traits are important to become the top performing managers.However, it will not restrict themanagers tototally frame their styleaccording to the Oxygen 8 traits. Thus opening the new gateway to develop and identify the newdimensions that could add value to the process.


Though the process of Mentoring is a proven method, yet it is impossible to quantify the impact of the program on the performance and learning of the managers. In addition, even if the company offers an open gateway tochoose theleadership style that the managers want to pursue, the element of human bias will remain there, which might hinder the proactive, innovative approach of the new managers.

Although the process of mentorship has a limitation, yet the process can be supported with the fact that employees learn more by getting in contact with the actual source……………………..

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