Goldman Sachs: The 10000 Women Initiative Case Solution

Five-year, $ 100 million philanthropic initiative Goldman Sachs practice presentation of business education and management of 10,000 women around the world recently celebrated its first anniversary and more than 1,200 women were or certificate programs or graduate certificate sponsored . The case describes the design, development and implementation? Practice of the initiative and describes some of the strategic decisions the company faces as they roll-program in the coming years. These include: how to organize the network of schools offering educational services, how to determine the best external partners to provide additional services for women entrepreneurs how to better assess the impact of the program, and finally, to the extent that the initiative expected contributions to the long-term strategy of the company.
Christopher Marquis,
V. Kasturi Rangan,
Catherine Ross
Source: Harvard Business School
25 pages.
Release: June 20, 2009. Prod #: 509042-PDF-ENG
Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Initiative Case Solution

Goldman Sachs: The 10000 Women Initiative Case Solution
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