Global Trucking Limited Case Solution & Answer

Global Trucking Limited  Case Solution 

1. Executive Summary

The president of Global Truck limited Doug Thompson is glancing to expand his business in next quarter year as they got a new contract with plotted distribution in United states. In this regard, the company has to acquire a new class 8 truck.

On the ground of development of the business, Jack Tremblay, the VP of the activity of the firm has asked Charles Dewan who is the buying supervisor for the business to get the market citation and proposal on the acquisition of another kind of truck. The Truck ought to have be exceptional with driving edge innovations which will prompt reformist perspective on Global Trucking Ltd.’s transportation ability and advance the new coordination framework.

Con-temporarily, Charles Dewan needs to prepare his proposal for the achievement of another Class 8 truck in one-week length as a particular buy. The main objective of the company is to use the heap method strategy and to make sure to buy from the appropriate supplier.(Christiaanse, 2000)

2. Company’s Background

The company is located in the Halifax, the city of Nova Scotia. This company is ISO specialized transportation company which provides transportation and logistics facilitates and services across Canada. The company is consisting of 100 specialized members which work hard and make sure to achieve all the necessary goals.

Current Occurrences Of The Company

The organization is getting a charge out of its competence of justifying all customer’s essential necessities which incorporate the import steel trailers, dumping, momentary warehousing, long haul stockpiling, stock administration and flow and circulation of the stock to everywhere on the segments of the Canada.

The company has increase its specification in the transportation of appliances, electronics, and furniture’s and make sure to visit market on daily basis.

The company has approx. 30 transport trucks which perform their function magnificently to fulfil all the needs and demands of the people and industries throughout the Canada and United States.

The Procurement Criteria Of The Truck

The organization’s obtainment division evaluated some legitimate data that they have gotten the ten unique offers which developed on the accompanying compulsory necessity for the truck as per the guidelines and benchmarks. The four basic parameters which can be fulfill before the procurement criteria of the truck are given as:

  • The truck must comprise of a sleeping birth
  • It must have average speed of about 75 km/hr
  • It must have the dimensions of diesel engine
  • The company will not bear the cost of more than $90,000 of a truck

3. Competitive Analysis

Due to increase in market growth and competition, each of the sustain market segment is having competitions and barriers.

The global trucking company has to make sure to aware of all the growing market trends and competitors and to work hard to pass all the possible barriers by providing excellent services to their customers. There are several competitors such as Volvo truck and Kenworth which are competing the Global trucking company very well.

3.1 Swot Analysis

3.1.1 Volvo Truck Company


The Volvo truck company is considered as one of the leading global truck competitive company. It is one of the most significant automobile industry and well known for their exquisite manufacturing and engineering. The company has performing very well in the manufacturing and spreading of trucks, buses and several construction equipment. The organization has been appreciating the business since the mid of the 1970s and had taken the beginning from the America to assembling the vehicles proficiently.

In 1986, The Volvo group Canada had committed the agreement with General motors of Canada, and started the joint venture. This joint venture has been the major element in the success of Volvo group Canada. After the overwhelming success and favorable responses, the name of the enterprise had been changed to Volvo Group Canada.

This revamping was lead to the adjustment the name of the matter of the America from Volvo of America Corp. to Volvo Trucks North America, Inc. to give the legitimate mirror by AB Volvo to the firmer handle of the North American market. The company is not only involved in the manufacturing of trucks but also take part in the manufacturing of buses, construction equipment’s, aerospace machinery and heavy diesel engines for marine.(Hellstrom, 2017)

The company produces the transport related hard and soft products and make sure to make their quality up to the mark to meet customer’s demand under the complete supervision of their enthusiastic and hardworking professionals and experts.

The Swot analysis of the company is illustrated below;

Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats
Quality Engineers Independent operation services Excellent shareholder worth Highest competitive barriers
Strong background   Getting the subsidiaries  
Construction of heavy diesel engine      
Customer preferences      

Company’s long term goal

  • Reducing number of components
  • Decreasing number of suppliers
  • Cost reduction

Conclusion and Analysis

The company shows the reasonable and positive impact in the market. The evolution of volvo’s North American truck brands and the manufacturing of heavy engines make the Volvo the best among the market.

3.1.2 Paccar Trucking Company

In 1945, the Kenworth motors truck company which was working in Washington was purchased by Paccar. After the immediate purchase, the company has replaced its name to pacific car. For the further expansion of the business, The Company later purchased peterbilt motors company in the late 1958. These two most purchasing decision allow the company to enter into the international market place in 1960. After the sufficient time period and exploration , the company has developed the plant in Australia in 1966 in the thought of reaching and expanding the business in the Australia as well.

In 1973, The Company had transpire in the International market by providing the efficient sales and services to the market. The company had acquire the better position in the market by the effective acquisition of the DAF trucks and Leyland’s truck in 1996-98 respectively. These two acquisitions help the company to expand its business in Belgium, Netherlands and England. Paccar is working effectively to deliver high quality technology and new design services of heavy duty trucks in more than 100 countries. The main aim of the Paccar is to provide quality services and to expand its business to further different countries. The respective Swot analysis of the company is given below;(Flint, 1996)

Strength weakness opportunities Threats
Providing good quality and design Lower life span of a product Chasing the international market for sales and services Several competitors working internationally
Working in International market      
Providing new and upto date design and technologies      


Paccar is providing excellent technological services internationally. Because of the newest and up to date technologies, It has the reasonable and positive impact across the market………………….

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