Global Software Piracy: Trends and Strategic Considerations Case Solution

The design, manufacture, distribution and sale of software is a fast growing global industry and very lucrative. The leaders of most software companies understand that intellectual property rights (IPR) are generally critical of the competitive and successful business advantage. The theft of intellectual property (IP) in the form of software piracy is bronze, very expensive, reduces incentives for innovation, and endangers the very existence of some companies. Theft of intellectual property is a major challenge for managers of software companies. In this article, several contributions that should be useful to software developers, administrators, users and managers of key stakeholders of software innovation and used to say that most of us are done. In doing so, we give an overview of the legal, economic, international and systemic ethical, and shared a factorial analysis of consumer software piracy. Below we discuss the strategic considerations and we present a typology of decision making, which may help legitimate businesses to develop strategies and tactics to manage their software intellectual property in the face of widespread piracy.
Alexander Nill,
Clifford J. Shultz II
Source: Business Horizons
10 pages.
May 15 2009: release date. Prod #: BH332-PDF-ENG
Global software piracy: Trends and strategic considerations Case Solution

Global Software Piracy: Trends and Strategic Considerations Case Solution
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