Gillette Company Case Solution & Answer

Gillette Company Case Solution

Problem statement

Recently the competition in the industry is increasing and companies are adopting innovative techniques to grab consumer’s attention. Gillette Company was working with BBDO and continuous struggle of this agency resulted a strategic positioning in the industry. But in 1981 the market share of the company started to decline and the major cause of this was low impact of advertisement on consumers. Carole Johnson was analyzed that the recent test commercials did not meet the targets and did not gave the expected views. These numbers were not enough to go with these commercial techniques. But the company was looking for new and innovative advertising techniques to start the branding process for the product (M. Spence; 1986).

Competitive Analysis

Colgate-Palmolive, Uniliver and Energizer Holdings are one of the major player in the antiperspirant industry. The detail of products is mentioned in appendix 3 and Further SWOT analysis is also in appendix 4 details are discussed below:


The speed stick deodorant is a brand of antiperspirant in the United States, formerly known as Mennen Speed Stick, which was purchased by Colgate-Palmolive in 1996. The deodorant contains a deodorant chemical that can be applied to the body to prevent sweat and odor. It has many different varieties, including the stick form and a gel version for women. The product lines include Irish Spring, 24/7 Pro, and Stain Guard.

It is a popular brand in the U.S., with several nationally known brands such as Palmolive, Mennen, Ajax, and Irish Spring. It also sells other products like Murphy Oil Soap and Softsoap. It even makes pet food called Hill’s Science Diet. There are other products made by the company, and you can buy them online or in local retail stores.

The Speed Stick brand is a leader in the men’s deodorant category. It has been the number one brand for ten years, and the company recently introduced the Speed Stick Ultimate deodorant. It has a proprietary odor-absorbing formula that releases fragrance constantly, so that you can stay fresh and smelling great for up to twenty-four hours. The speed stick contains Triclosan, which is a proven antiperspirant ingredient.

The speed stick antiperspirant is one of the most widely used brands of antiperspirant in the world. It is available in several varieties. The original speed stick deodorant has a fragrance that lasts for about four hours. The new formula contains a unique ingredient called Triclosan, which helps in fighting bacteria that cause odor. The product is not harmful to sensitive skin and is very gentle.


AXE has been in the antiperspirant business for more than a century. The company’s advertising campaigns have been centered on the millennial male, and its TV commercials portray “geeky” men who are ready to woo chicks. Its logo has even been used in a few of its products. The Axe brand uses its proprietary Dual Action technology to effectively bust odor and boost its irresistible fragrance. Today, the AXE line has a 48-hour freshness promise.

The latest campaign from Axe shows the benefits of its deodorant. The brand is the global leader in men’s fragrances, and has launched a new scent that has a romantic edge. The new fragrance, Axe Effect, is a refreshing addition to the lineup. The brand’s newest ad, “The Walk,” celebrates attraction and envisions a world populated by confident, irresistible guys. The ad offers a new take on the brand’s mission statement: AXE helps guys feel their best.

The AXE bullet is a new eight-centimetre spray that contains a concentrated formula. Axe is a popular brand among men, and in the U.S., it is the #1 men’s fragrance. AXE is also popular in countries such as Canada, Brazil, and Italy. The company’s Axe website features exclusive content, contests, and other special offers.

Axe is one of the world’s top fragrance brands, and its new ad for dating has changed the game for guys everywhere. With its innovative advertising campaign, ‘The Walk’ celebrates attraction and transforms the world through confidence and irresistible scent. The ad has been lauded by men all over the world. So, if you’re a guy who loves to impress girls, you can feel confident with Axe.

The brand’s Facebook page is experiencing a downward trend, with Likes and followers falling at an average rate of 5% a year. The drop is due to users’dislike towards Axe. It has also decreased in “talking about” count. The brand has a 45% reduction in its Facebook page’s “talking about” counts. While this might seem like a lot, it’s not a big deal. Those are just a couple of people out of thirty million unique monthly gamers, and these aren’t the only two issues that are hampering the brand’s growth.

Energizer Holding

Dove men antiperspirant is made for men who want to stay dry, fresh, and comfortable all day long. It has a refreshing fragrance that you will love. It is also made to care for the sensitive underarm skin. Your underarms take a lot of pressure from various sources, so some deodorants can actually build up and become a hindrance rather than a help. Dove Men+Care provides the necessary hydration to keep your underarms cool, fresh, and odor-free.

Since its launch in the 1950s, Dove has marketed primarily to women. The company used its “Campaign for Real Beauty” to promote female beauty. Now, Dove is attempting to reach its male counterpart. While the move has received some skepticism, it is a welcomed one. Dove’s rival, Procter & Gamble, has already launched antiperspirant for men.

The company has reorganized its marketing ranks in recent years to focus on men’s personal care products. The company recently asked supermarket chain H-E-B in San Antonio to test the new Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh antiperspirant. Dove has been promoting its products in the men’s section for more than a decade. It says that the men’s personal care market is worth $700 million.

Dove has a long history of marketing to men. Its name has been associated with fair-skinned women, but the product has been developed for men as well. It has become the fastest-growing antiperspirant in the U.S. in recent years. In 2004, it grew to $148 million. Its sales have been growing steadily since. The Dove brand has become one of the most successful brands in the category(Mooradian, 2012)………………………..

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