Giana Angellopolous-Daskalali and the 2004 Athens Olympic Games Case Solution & Answer

Giana Angellopolous-Daskalali and the 2004 Athens Olympic Games Case Solution

She carried methodical approach throughout the campaign. Her team impressed the IOC members by putting a responsible and careful image. They dealt with them by putting their feet into their shoes and doing tasks, which were exactly the way they were required to be done. She laid down certain principles which were to be followed by every team member. She urged for positivity and spreading positive approach for each city candidate.

The challenge that Athens faced at that time was after the finalization of top five eligible candidates to host that colorful event was to compete with the versatile countries that were equipped with modern infrastructure solid venue and hosting background. They made their merit based approach their strength to win the bid. Media was the real task to manage their way, which was to show their positive image all over the globe.


She represented her state as a meritorious one. Her take to undertake that huge task of organizing Olympics at Greece was totally supported by the facts that they were actually capable of organizing that event at their home. They learned from their mistakes due to which they made themselves capable enough to organize that mega event in their country. This was Angel opoulos criteria for becoming successful i.e. merit and putting forward the best efforts of what they actually could do to get that success.


Believing in merit and that kind of strategic approaches brought her to host the event at Athens. Their vision was to present the positive image of Athens that they were more capable and equally equipped with talented people to handle the tasks, infrastructure and other potential facilities to make the event successful. They showed that they were more deserving than any other competitor.

Promotional activities were impressively conducted by all the representatives so as to attract high level investments to the hosting countries which would result in new jobs and business opportunities and to flourish the economy overall.

Given Angelopoulos’ great hardworking personality, she had always been eager to complete the tasks before time. She appreciated young talent to contribute their unique ideas for the success she by employing young talent she has created great opportunities for the young talent and has created new tradition of considering youth for decision making process.

Modern facilities and increased tourism activities were also planned by her to bring the event in the limelight and she made effective arrangements in this regard.

For making this event a mega success, several projects were ahead to contribute for the cause. This includes transport facilities i.e. new airport to incorporate the passengers. After the successful completion of the bid, they were keen that tourist arrivals would increase reasonably before and after the Olympic campaign and the event.

Port construction was also under consideration, along with renovation of old buildings, tree planting and improvement in public areas. Apart from the metro line, suburban rail, tram and upgraded road networks and highways were also in consideration for dealing with the people and audience who visits Greece during Olympics.

Housing facilities are also under consideration, as well as Olympic village for athletes and other officials accompanying the athletes. New buildings and projects were proposed to be constructed near Olympic stadium so that the access to the stadium would become easy for the customers and tourists.

Hotel projects were also under consideration for all kinds of expected customers eager to watch the Olympic Games. Cruise ships construction and media villages were also proposed projects for the respective customers.


The approach of merit, following the best of the leadership of Giana, would be the beneficial approach to follow and become successful. Moreover, utilizing the revenue generated from the event and minimizing cost incurred effectively would serve the purpose. Following disciplined approach was their rule of thumb. In the guidance of Angelopoulos, they showed uniformity and disciplined behavior to win the confidence.The approach she carried with her was the creation of new team to contribute the capabilities and efforts to make this campaign successful which brought success to her and removed barriers from the way.

The milestones she faced during all her journey, she faced with confidence determination and courage. She proved that nothing was impossible to achieve being a woman, if an individual possesses pure leadership qualities, stamina to deal with challenges and such positive mindset, which brought Angel opoulos huge success……………

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