Geo-Tech Product

          Geosystems Information System (GIS) allow users to closely monitor the harvesting activities under the sales contract. GIS products allow users to digitally view their operations with three and four-dimensional information.The company intended their product with the advancetechnology, so the customer will eventually buy their product. GIS was asystem that allows users to access the environmental impact of the development of the areas during the natural disasters. In addition, GIS system is the best possible way of getting things done.

GIS system was also accessing the capabilities of the timber industry. In Canadian economy, the Canadian market is less mature market as compare to the American market. So in that case, thecompany need to fully understand the dynamics of the Canadian economy so the investment in Canada could not be damage the company name in the market. In addition, this system was very useful for the land that covered mostly forest and suitable for timber.

The technology allows users that they can easilyobserve the environmental behavior and as well as thedevelopment of the natural resources during the time of natural disasters. Thomas was consistently considering the long-term insinuations of the harvesting activities (like procedures, replanting choices and way of doing the things done).The company also considering the other areas to be developed (like roads, building dams).

In addition, one of the advantage for Geo-Tech Company was that, the system was the ability to its store and track contract of the timbers (like for instance, what kind of trees would be harvest and when, what sorts of route to access for distribution like roads, dam building and how long does it need to be take place and when the trees would be harvested).


In financial analysis, Boyatt would need to understand the dynamics of the Canadian markets. In order to maintain the credibility of the company product, thecompanyneeds to have astrong foundation of knowledge about the environment, the culture, the technology that the competitor used. Boyatt was agoodbusinessman, and he knew about the skills that are required in this project. Nevertheless,the possibility of the succession of the product depends upon the market demand and the technology itself that attract the customer.

Boyatt believed that the investment that he madein Canada, without any fears will benefit the organization regardless of the consequences of the future outcomes. He was more than willing to start the project in Canada that the client would eventually move to the U.S Company.

Boyatt discussed with his associate in the company, Jessica Engle she was, oversaw the company economic models. Thomas Boyatt (Company founder) discussed their future plan with her. After the long discussion, both camefor the following assumptions:

  • The project investment should not be longer than five years. If the economy goes down in Canada, they will manage their operation in a timely manner.
  • Geo-Tech offered three levels of service for product licensing. These three servicelevelswere named Tracker, Foresight, and Oasis. Out of thesethree services, Tracker is least or simply tracked in the forest land resources…………….

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