Geo-soft Inc.: Leading Across Cultures Case Solution & Answer

Geo-soft Inc.: Leading Across Cultures Case Solution  

Case Brief

In January 2016, the CEO and Chief Technology Officer of the Geo-soft Incorporation had an official strategic planning meeting with the whole executive team and directors. Geo-soft has been a private mid-sized but global firm with employee centered culture. The company provided data solutions, which remained innovative for discoveries of scientists and researchers. The main objective of the meeting was to devise out strategies for protecting the company the global economic crisis, which had a severe effect on the primary customers. One of the employees developed a new strategy, named a “Digital Intimacy Strategy” (Mary Weil, 2017). The strategy is initiated to create a radical in the communication of the company with its customers. The target market of the company included four major groups belonging to five different regions of the world including North America, Latin America, Australia, Africa and Europe. The new strategy was planned to be implemented till 2017, with its key focus on improving the communication change at all levels of stakeholders, belonging to different cultures. In order to prove the new strategy effective, communication was a crucial point.

1.Ensuring Successful Communication via New Technology

The core component of the digital intimacy strategy was to provide customized solutions specially catering to the needs of the customers, to launch a subscription service instead of offering intellectual property rights, to ensure customer learning through training’s, videos, webinars etc. and to remain proactive in offering solutions and services to the customers by utilizing the aggregated customer data.

In order to remain a competitive and healthy company, the communication strategy plays a crucial role. The communication of the company includes members including human and institutions. These members have different individual values but share a common set of values in order to meet the organizational goals and objectives. In order to cope up with the global economic crisis, the company has adopted new strategy and to ensure the successful communication via the new strategy the company needs to focus on following key points

  • As the customers and employees of the company come up with different cultural backgrounds, beliefs norms and values, so, the company needs to maintain an open environment in order to welcome new ideas and solutions coming from different opinions of employees as well as the customers.
  • The leaders at Geo-soft should decentralize their authority as the company is offering customized solutions to the different customers’ segments belonging to 5 different geographical regions. Decentralizing authority would enable the employees of the customers to own their work and do maximum possible efforts in achieving the organization’s objective and better understand the customer’s needs.
  • The company should delegate authority equally in all regions of its operation as the employees from other regions believe that the Toronto Headquarters was given more authority and growth opportunities in the organization. Being a multinational corporation, the company’s focus is not to expand its Toronto customer base but to expand globally, which requires maximum participation and interest of the employees in knowing the customers and delivering a customized solution as per their needs.
  • The marketing should not be based on mass media rather than the content of the effort by the Geosoft company need to be in compliance with the norms, beliefs, values and culture of people living in different regions of the world. For instance, using claims “we are the best” are not effective in South African region.
  • Naturally people are divided into two contexts i.e. low context cultures and high context cultures. The individuals with high context background focus more on emotional and detailed appeals as compared to low context individuals, who need a direct and a rational appeal(Catherine, 2018). In Toronto region, there was no focus on the expectations of the high context members of the organization. So, understanding a human nature is very critical to an organization’s success.
  • Consideration of time zones becomes crucial while operating in a global background. As the client, employees and other stakeholders belong to different countries with different time zones so the employees at Geo-soft must take care of times zones while dealing with any stakeholder of the company.
  • At Geo-soft, it was believed that the company lost opportunities due to mismanagement of the documents coming from other region as the documents or reports got disappeared due to lack of care and it remained a common friction between the headquarters and employee from other region. So, the company should adopt effective technology in removing these documents gap between the employees by adopting electronic system so that the no on feels ignored and the information does not get ignored too.

2.Model for Structuring Corporate Communication in MNCs

There are two basic models for structuring communication within an organization i.e. a linear communication model and a transactional model. The transaction model of communication (See Appendix 1) involves the exchange of messages between the senders and receivers, where a single entity takes his turn to exchange the message. Both the parties are considered as the communicators and their turn changes as the sender or the receiver. However, the model is not just about the human interaction but interaction of machines as communicators too. The communicators are interdependent in this model (Businesstopia, 2018)s. The process starts with sender generating a message through any communication medium in cluing phone call, video conferences, personal meetings, discussion forums, emails etc. Afterwards, the message gets decoded from the perspective of the receiver and in the same way the receiver becomes a sender or vice versa. Possible factor including cultural contexts, societal norms, language, ethnicity, time zones, noise and relations can affect the effectiveness of the communication process. The Geo-soft Corporation should use the transactional model for its intercultural communication as it directly focuses on the interaction between the sender and the receiver. The company aims to provide value driven and customized solutions for its customers and it aim to understand its customers through gathered data and interactions during training’s sessions, conferences, seminar, direct interactions etc. However, by following the transactional models the company needs to take care about the feedback as it already does in case of its employees but to ensure a healthy and successful corporate communication, the company needs to take feedback from other stakeholders, most importantly, from the customers……………..

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