Genpact India Case Solution & Answer

Genpact India Case Solution

Executive Summary

Genpact is an Indian IT service company, which deals in the services of digital LED and provision of technological services in the businesses. The company has the highest number of employees and it has its presence in such a lucrative industry. However, the IT sector is the most complex where the supply chain management and procurement services must be innovated and quality based. In the recent annual report, the company’s revenue has declined because of the reduction in sales and the return of many goods from the customers. The internal audit showed that the company’s supply chain management has not been working efficiently, because of the defaulted items and the technical issues. Moreover, many clients have complaint about the poor services and defective goods. The root causes of the problem is identified, which is the absence of proper check and balance and monitoring system which could assess the internal position of the procurement. The management has lacks deep involvement with the controlling system, which has resulted in the proposed issues and has caused the company to face massive loss. However, an annual meeting is organized where the root cause analysis has been conducted in order to find out the major obstacles and the factors that have initiated such destructive obstacles. The management has altered many solutions for the problems, on which the analysis is based.

2. Company Overview

Genpact India is the global service provider of technical services, which has  branches in 30 countries. The main competencies of Genpact are providing digital-led services and technological services to various businesses. The net worth of the company is more than 3.5 billion.

In 2019, the company focused on advanced strategies where it  emphasized more on the differentiation of its products and giving value addition, which could satisfy the customers much impressively and could create customer equity with them. Within this time duration, the company made acquisitions in two most important areas: financial risk and crimes, and increased more digital transformation in order to provide services in digital investigation.

2.1 Service offerings

The service offerings of the company are mostly digital, alongside which but it also provides financial and accounting services, industry verticals, procurement of supply chainand IT.

Finance and Accounting Services

The company’s financial services include the accounts payable services by giving the document processing, resolution and approval management. Genpact is also in leading services which provides tax consultancy,including IT services. Budgeting, forecasting and operations controls of risk are also its major services from a financial perspective.

Core Industry Operations

The core industry operations of the firm include the services of the industry to the clients by giving them domain and Sep expertise. They use lean digital technologies to provide the operations of power intelligence.

Supply Chain and Procurement Services

The company offers supply chain management and procurement services to its clients directly and indirectly. The advisory services are also provided to the potential clients. Genpact uses the lean digital approach,which improves the client’s business operations and productivity. The procurement offers improving sources and inventory level optimization.

IT Services

The IT services of the Genpact include the support of computing, production support and database management. They aid in almost 25 languages.

3. Issue Identification

Genpact India is based on a digital firm where the company supplies digital-led and professional services to its clients. In 2020, the report showed that there are many issues found in the supply chain management of the company where the finished goods are not properly checked, and that results to the technical problems in some goods. Moreover, the tracking ids are not maintained properly where the customers’ details are not recorded. The issues resulted in the loss of the company’s annual reporting and Genpact lost many of its current customers because of poor service. Apart from that, the sustainability issues raised when the company had the supply chain management issues. The revenue of the company declined 15% in comparison of last years and the productivity of the company also got affected.

In the annual meeting, the management showed the entire positioned the company and the current issues were highlighted. The CEO of the company held the meeting after this and the existing issues were discussed and their solutions were found out alongside the alternatives. Moreover, the cause and effect analysis done where the root cause of the problem analyzed.

4. Operating Environment

Genpact operates in the highly competitive environment of IT where the ratio of rivalry companies is greater and rapidly growing companies are increasing. There are numerous companies which offer the same services with no differentiation in price. The offerings of the rivalry companies are supply chain management and procurement services, financial services including the tax consultancy and shipment services as well. The IT service providers also exist with the higher capabilities and value addition services. Moreover, the niche services are also provided by the competitors which gives the customization offerings.

On the contrary, the company exists in the market where the competitive prices and discounting offers are the most efficient ways to make the efficacy in the business. The other factor is the quality and service, which is the most evaluated part of every company. Client mostly prefer those companies which have good market reputation with an inclusion of good will in the international market. Innovation and modification are also the prime part of the services. However, the bargaining power is on the highest rank where the clients have the power of switching to another company where they would find the best services and maximum satisfaction.

Government Regulation

The government regulations are very active on the IT services in India where the laws are implemented for the clients and the companies as well. In complexity of the IT organizations, the judiciary system has fixed the laws which ought to be followed when the international dealings are carried out. The clients sometimes inform the judiciary laws and the regulations where they are taking the services of the company. Moreover, the tax policy is the highest among the other industries because IT industry is one of the lucrative industries in India……………………….

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