Garrard Japan: Global or Local Case Solution & Answer

Garrard Japan: Global or Local Case Study Help

In response to the economic threat as well as decreasing revenues of Garrard Japan and other local companies; there was a major emphasis over anti-globalization; however, according to the survey of Japan; it was observed that 67% of the respondents were in favor of globalization in terms of quality and prices, 94% believe that MNEs can work in favor of local interests, 70% believe that MNEs are experts for research and development. Additionally, 64% of individuals think that MNE’s concern is only profit, 41% believe that they are bureaucratic, 50% believe that they are impersonal. These statistics show that Japanese opinions are positive for MNEs overall.

According to the case study; three major factors highlighted the need for anti-globalization. First is the increasing level of unemployment, because of financing in technology with the help of research and development as MNEs have more exposure towards foreign technology; hence, they achieve economies of scale. The second major factor is the undervaluation of public interest, except price and quality of the products or services that are environmental concerns, health concerns, economic concerns and social concerns, which can be overlooked by MNEs. The third major concern is a threat for local companies from MNEs as local companies might lose their market share, which could result in profit loss, ultimately.

Please argue flat world view and multi-domestic view with respect to the foods industry.

Food industry

Flat world view

Considering the flat world view on the food industry;the European-based multinational enterprises have beenexperiencing an increase in the capitalism of the states. This is evidenced by anincrease in the direct support from government to domestic industries, sovereign wealth funds, and roles of state-owned enterprises.Although,flat worldview is associated with an advancement in technological approaches,but there has been a significant loss in the employment rate in the food industry. This led to an emergence of a critical issue,i.e. the loss in employment rate against the globalization benefits. (Mariadoss, 2019)

The increased concerns of scrutiny for the policy makers has been a part of multidomestic view. Changes in the geopolitical factors havebeen influencing the MNEs in the food industry as well,followed by four factors. Such factors include the rise in protectionism in Russia, India and the United States, which led to the announcement of not less than 500 discriminatory trade measures. Similarly, an increase in the bilateral trade agreements and the development of new financial regional institutions, created differences whichmadetrading a challenging task.

However, the concept of flat world was primarily based on easy strategic approach that has the capability to allow national or domestic organizations to operate at an international level, with the same approach. But, the cultural, political and geographical differences have greatly influenced the way organizations operate at international level, claiming thatthe world is not flat rather we live in a world that represents multidomestic view……………………………


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