Fresh To Table Case Solution & Answer

Fresh To Table Case Solution

Overview of situation

This case discusses the concepts and basic behaviors of employees in the organization. Fresh to the table is a software company which was established  four years ago. The company strived to provide comfortable environment to all the employees so that they could perform well. The company’s culture is very supportive to the employees and considers the perceptions and behaviors of its employees. The company offers bonuses, gifts, and sufficient leaves to make the employees feel valued and an important part of the company. But it is human’s nature to misuse the facilities. The employees in the company were misusing the facilities which were being provided by the company and they were also discouraging other employees from doing their work delicately and were turning them against the higher management of the company. After these unethical acts of the employees were identified by the management; it intended to take strict action against the employees involved in this act.

Particularly this case presented the impact which the employees can have on the company’s environment. It also evaluates the particular behavior of employees, their perceptions and actions. So the situation which is presented in the case is about the unprofessional behavior of employees. Showalter was the first office manager and she was an excellent performer,but as the time passed by, she developed anti-work behavior and started spreading false news against the company’s management on social media and started to show a very non-serious attitude towards the company which the company found offensive and decided to terminate her.  After termination, she continued her unprofessional acts and with the help of three other employees; she began-using Slack and was criticizing other employees. In addition to that, she was also threatening the company. Mossberger came to know about the other employee’s involvement and began to look for ways to solve the issues.

These three employees were recently promoted in the company and they were spending their major time on internal communication channels, i.e. slack. They were spreading negativity and they were also skipping their work and their targets.

Problem statement

Fresh to the cable company was trying its best to provide a positive environment to the employees, but the employees began taking the advantage of management’s concerns and had started to ignore their work and began discouraging other employees as well. Their behavior was decreasing the morale of other employees and was hurting the image of higher management. Further, these employees’ activities were destructing the organizational culture and the misuse of slack was creating negativity within the organization.


As it is compulsory to analyze the case under the light of personalities, behaviors and the required solutions, respectively,based on appendix 1.The personality traits differ in every person. (John et al., 2008).So first we start with the personality of the management and how it affects the conflict management. First, we will analyze the personality of Mr. Jensen, who is an extroverted person and possesses high agreeableness, stability and middle conscientiousness.  Mr. Jensen’s personality traits show that he is a cheerful person and prefers to motivate others and provides them with an enjoyable work environment. So he would try to make the environment positive for other employees.Further his personality shows that he is a goal-oriented person and will never accept the behavior of those three employees who were ignoring their work responsibilities. As the personality of Mr. Jensen does not allow him to keep quiet and ignore the issues, because it was affecting the other employees’ behavior and their performance.. His personality is quite warm and cooperative so he will not tolerate any negativity in the work environment and will try to keep other employees motivated and focused on their work.

Now moving to t Mr. Mossberger who is the CEO and founder of the company, and he believes on the provision ofa stable workplace and an engaging work environment. He is focused on holding the employees responsible for what they are doing and to represent the company and increase the company’s ownership among the employees. During these conflicts, Mossberger was concerned that what effects these things would have on employees and their work performance. Mossberger wanted all the employees to be hospitable and to help each other. He believed in the creation of a supportive culture within the organization. Mossberger is a highly extraversion person so he has strong leadership skills which are adaptive. Extroversion people are very positive and assertive and they have an outgoing spirit and they easily form relationships (McCrae and John; 1992). Mossberger’s personality allows him to be more stimulating and very exciting in the company. His personality will never allow him to neglect what was happening, so he is most likely to solve this conflict through proper investigation and he will find the possible ways to createa positive environment for other employees and also he will also deal with the Slack and internal communication issues through proper channel and pieces of evidence. Along with that,Fisher was also not willing to tolerate this situation and he was losing his mind over the ungrateful group of people in the company. Fisher knew these people were engaging in unethical activities and were discouraging other employees despite of some among these people performing well. So according to Fisher, the conflict can be resolved by eliminating these people from their seats and then creatinga positive and a cooperative work environment.

Further,if we see Showalter’s personality who was the first office manager and receptionist in the company;she was a team player and performed well in the company. Showalter was a type B personality,which explains that she was a relaxed, easy-going and patient employee. And her performance depicted the same as she was a high performer in the group and she did not like new employees in the company.Whereas,Mossberger wanted all the employees to be welcoming and supportive to the new employees. So first and major conflict occurs here, which shows that Showalter hada low extroversion personality. Along with this, she was not a reliable person anymore, because she was misusing her time and was backbiting against the company. Her social media comments which she made on the company, were offensive and not tolerable. She was denying to change and neither did she want to change the ways she used to work in the company. Her personality was not a perfect match to work with Fresh to the table, because she was exhibiting an entirely different personality than to what was needed by the company to achieve its objectives and to acquire a positive workplace environment………………………….

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