Foxconn Technology Group (B) Case Solution & Answer

Foxconn Technology Group (B)

Major Competitors

Industry Comparison Analysis

Jabil vs Foxconn

Foxconn and Jabil have a profoundly commendable place in the market with the critical worldwide portrayal. With regards to Jabil, it has been seen that Jabil has somewhat better standing in the market when contrasted with Foxconn. This is a direct result of the less reliance of Jabil on other organizations for the income. Jabil has the assorted item class serious areas of strength for within the designing and plans. It has an incredibly huge shopper base with prepared workers. With regards to the circuit graph, the Jabil circuit has a huge number of affiliations and considers the best worldwide.

With regards to Human Resources management issues, Jabil has shown the somewhat fewer staff private matters than the Foxconn. The execution of advanced mechanics and data innovation has critical advantages nowadays. Jabil, then again has the profoundly mechanized mechanical technology understanding. It has roughly 40 years of involvement with taking care of the robotization issues which is one of the best advantages of the organization.

Foxconn, on the other hand, has been accused of implementing unethical practices at the company. This includes the longer working hours and less wages. The ethical implications is considered one of the top most priority of the company which needs to be implemented lawfully. Jabil has shown comparatively good management considerations as compared to the other company.

With regards to Foxconn, the case features how the organization needs to be determined preparation and staff management techniques to present and settle down the advanced mechanics in the organization. Both organizations are exceptionally engaged in designing plans. In contrast, Foxconn needs to advance its organizational efficiency and quality and become less subject to the Apple organization for their income.

Appendix 4 shows the rating of the overall culture of the Jabil vs Foxconn.


To resolve the HRM issues, it is recommended for the organization;

  • It is recommended for the company resolve the diversity issues. The diverse range of employees is highly important to tackle all the situations. For example; the company is thinking to buy robots, for this purpose, the diverse range of employees is highly important to resolve handling issues. Moreover, train the clients related to diversity and inclusivity.
  • It is recommended for the organization resolve the dependency issues. Since the organization is highly dependent on Apple for at least half of its revenues. These issues can be resolved by introducing a platform that doesn’t cost others dependency.
  • The organization needs to resolve the software issues. This can be done by initiating the great global positioning framework that robotizes enlistment processes so have the opportunity and energy to design, keep up on patterns, start new HR projects and improve your organization’s way of life.
  • It is also recommended to the organization to follow all the ethical practices and make things easier for the employees. The company has accused of extending the work hours for their employees. That is unethical. For this purpose, it is important for the company to strictly follow all the legal rules and regulations and to cater the environment that provide nothing but ease for the employees.
  • Moreover, to resolve the cost and profit issues, in my opinion, it is important for the organization not to invest in millions of robots at once. Take a gradual step, train the staff, and then repeat the process. This will not increase the company’s adaptive strategy but also helps the organization to adapt to the changes significantly without any longer destruction.


Foxconn is one global assembling organization of “Taiwanese hardware”. It is headquartered in Taiwan, New Taipei, and Tucheng. The company was set up in the year 1947 as the constructor of electronic merchandise. The case addresses the implosion issues at Foxconn Company inside China and how the association answers or handles what is happening. The case also highlights the key HRM issues that has been faced by the company when the association expects to buy the robots. Moreover, the case focus in on the industry examination that how the certain industry responds with the present circumstance and makes the things more straightforward for their workers and company…..

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