Former Cape broker named in stock scam Case Solution & Answer

Former Cape broker named in stock scam Case Solution 

The Justice to Crime of Fraud

Steele was accused of the severe fraud of stocks. He was involved in the crime of creating the hypothesized among investors. The complaints against Steele described by the clients entail the painting the tape that Steele has made for formulating the illusion towards investors. The painting the tape increased the company’s stock and provided high values of the shares at the time of closing. Thus, the investors were misguided by the brokers and invested to the loss. Moreover, due to Steele the investors suffered through the matched trade tactic. The investors were made to get involved in the selling and buying option at the same time. Furthermore, Steele compelled the investors not to sell the shares and wait for the more increase in the market value.

For the crime of Steele, the decision made by the Judiciary is very rare. The SEC only charged him for money. However, Steele’s crime is much more intensive than the penalty he was charged.The investors were in loss due to the illusion made by Steele for the CTT. Thus, the most severe penalty that he should have charged is incarceration. The incarceration allocates the criminal to get in the prison for five years. Moreover, the further penalties can be:

  1. Restitution: As the investors, clients, employees and many other get suffer in response to the fraud of the securities. The penalty charged to the scammer should be paying the lost money of all the victims. The process of returning lost amount to the sufferer is known as Restitution.
  2.  License Restriction: As Steele was living a happy live after paying that small amount of fine, he would also not be shameful of his deed. Hence, to make the situation memorable for him, a ban can be imposed to the Steele’s license so that he would never think of making people in trouble.
  3.  Fines:Fines are the very lowest kind of penalties that can be charge to the criminals. The fines should be charged in accordance to the severity criminal made to the society. The fines can be thus, charged $5 million or more from the criminal………………..                                                                                                                 This is just a sample partial work. Please place the order on the website to get your own originally done case solution


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