Ford Motors Research Report Case Solution


Ford Motor is one of International Leading companies in automotive and products and services related to automotive. It is also well known in the industries like aerospace, communications and financial services. Ford Motor is one of the first American automotive companies which is still growing at fast paced in the automobile industry and markets of automotive parts. It comes at the second as per ranking In the United States for making automobiles and fifth as a vehicle seller in Europe based on the record sales of 2010 (Ford Motors, 2015).
Ford’s Headquarter is in United States, but it serves worldwide. Ford is highly determined to develop great products and services to the customers from all around the world. It is going to introduce more new vehicles worldwide. Ford’s market share has been growing since its establishment in 1903. Moreover, Ford has also won the honorable title of best-selling vehicle in the United States and Ford Focus was the best-selling nameplate in the world. Ford is well positioned in the international market with the latest car portfolio and a determination to deliver continuous improvement for fuel economy (Ford Motors, 2014).

Ford has been committed to improve the conditions in the world for more than a century. It provides support that strengthens the international community through volunteering and charitable giving. It is also into the creation and implementation of new innovative programs that will enhance the skills needed to create future innovations (Ford Motors, 2014).

Ford Motors Research Report Case Solution & Answer


The vision of the Ford is to become world’s leading company for providing most preferred automotive products and services and also sustain its position as a market leader. The main mission of Ford is to continuously add value and improve their products and services to meet the requirements of the customers, which will allow them to grow more as a business and to facilitate justifies return for their stockholders and the owners of Ford’s business (Ford Motors, 2014).

The vision helps Ford to become the world’s leading automotive maker by establishing the strategic planners, dealing with the regular problematic situations in continuously changing environment. Ford’s recent mission statement focuses on One Team, One Plan and One Goal. One Team includes all the customers, employee, dealer, investor, suppliers and etc., to work together as a global enterprise on One Plan based to operate efficiently and profitability to meet prevailing demand and innovations. The One Goal is to satisfy customers and stakeholders along with gaining high growth in profits (Ford Motors, 2015).



Economic Factors are considered to be very important for business as they affect the business in terms of taxation, demand, interest and exchange rates, global economic factors, and etc. Driving petrol fuel cars is more expensive for the buyers because of increasing petrol prices which eventually will be beneficial for sellers of cars which operates using diesel. Ford’s sports utility vehicles sales were declined due to the increased prices of gasoline. It affected the price of Ford’s shares as well. Other than that, there is the rising trend of demand for Japanese cars which requires less petrol as compares to most of the American cars. This identifies a need to reduce the prices of vehicles of automobile manufacturers to sustain their market share (Hoffman, 2013).


Vehicles are usually considered as one of the status symbols in most of societies worldwide. The brands a person hold and uses indicate its preferences and political status. A man sitting in the comfortable and luxuries car shows his higher status and taste in comparison of others. Therefore, Ford Motor is committed to manufacture luxuries cars because of the increasing demand of its brand along with increasing celebrities and other delicate (Ingrassia & White, 2010).


Ford Motor is a Leading player in automobile industry, operating in many countries. The political environment of these countries is very important and crucial in order to process its operations. Several Terrorist attacks in the United States had caused in decline of Ford’s sales by 10%. Argentina’s economic recession, in 2002, also affected the sales of Ford’s cars and production volume declined from 57200 units to 31000 units in Argentina…………………..

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Ford Motors Research Report Case Solution
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