Forbes HR Practices Case Solution & Answer

Forbes HR Practices

The administrative expert

The administrative specialist develops an effective and successful HR process. They are responsible for creating procedures that are designed especially to satisfy the distinct needs of organizations in an efficient manner.Every employee at Forbes is asked to list two parameters that help and hinder their performance in two separate questions. The important elements are compared with the results of survey out of the answers from throughout the entire organization.  . Depending on who has direct influence over them, limitations are divided into three categories: Individual, Managerial, and Senior HR Leadership

Employee champion

An additional vital function of human resources is employee champion. The goal of these HR experts is to develop a dedicated and qualified staff with a strong emphasis on optimizing human capital contribution. In Forbes, HR has made a conscious decision to avoid taking a “commanding” role in favor of acting as a mediator in all decisions involving people, including where to employ, who to hire, and what to provide. Both senior management and line management are required to share accountability of all HR-related decisions and participate in developing people policies.

Porter’s Five Forces Model for Forbes Marshall

A model to examine the company’s competitiveness is Porter’s Five Forces. A firm’s performance and efficiency is significantly impacted by the effectiveness of its competitors. An effective business strategy can be assessed by this analysis.(Younus, S. 2022,).

Threat of new entrants

The threat of new entrants in the steam engineering is high. The industry related engineers are also in high demand due to the growth of several control engineering companies in India.

Threat of substitution

The threat of substitution in this industry is also very high, because of the growth of the industry many, the industrial players that are the rivals to Forbes, implement several cost effective strategies to sell their products at very low rates in the market. This leads to the threat of substitution being very high for Forbes Marshall.

Buyers’ Bargaining Power of

The buyers bargaining power in this industry has been very moderate because of the customers having very little to no knowledge about the products. Although the customers tends to purchase a good quantity of such products, but they mostly give preference to the quality of products to avoid future technicalities and related issues in the product’s usage.

Bargaining power of suppliers.

The pressure, supplier exerts on firms by improving their rates, deteriorating their performance, or restricting the supply of their products is termed to as the bargaining power of suppliers. Bargaining power of suppliers in the steam engineering industry of the country is moderate as the quality of the products could not be compromised by the suppliers and their rates must be standard.

Rivalry among market players

Rivalry among market players in this industry is quiet high around the country. It is because there are a lot of players in the market, some are new and some are very old like Forbes. These players need to come up with the implementation of several effective strategies in order to survive in the market and be a strong player.

PESTLE Analysis

The objective of this analysis is to have a clear vision at what is happening in the large commercial environment of businesses. All organizations, firms and corporations are the part of this economy, a bigger system. The significant elements that can affect the overall performance of a firm can be examined by performing a PESTEL analysis. AKMAN, M. K. (2020).


Uncertainty in the political or economic climate may have a negative impact on the weaker demand and limit prospects for revenue growth. The organization have broad range of companies serving a variety of industries, hence it might not be significantly affected with such uncertainties.


For each area of exposures, the company has established strategies for addressing the risks (e.g. exports, imports, loans, etc.). Based on current macroeconomic conditions, the integrated treasury function collects the foreign exchange risk and takes appropriate precautions to hedge the exposure.


Forbes Foundation, community cooperation with numerous communities, local government agencies, and NGOs, serves as the organization’s own CSR cell.   Although the Forbes Foundation offers numerous programs impacting several elements of society, children and women are indeed the important recipients of its assistance.


The company continually looks for ways to incorporate new technologies into upcoming products that will reflect consumer choice and preference trends. It creates product innovations both domestically and with custom partners to help business react quickly to rapidly changing consumer trends.


The Company’s commercial operations must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. It is subject to rules and regulations in many different areas, including workplace safety and health, the environment, governance, reporting and disclosing, employment, and taxation. These areas also include product safety, product claims, trademarks, copyright, and patents. Compliance becomes more difficult as a result of ongoing legal and regulatory framework changes as well as the introduction of newer laws with various bodies covering the same sectors. Company carefully monitors and reviews its procedures to make sure that they continue to be in compliance with applicable laws and legal requirements.


The business is devoted to operating in a transparent, moral, and ethical manner that is sustainable economically, socially, and environmentally. The Company is focused on building and sustaining environmental resources. As needed, the Company will pursue CSR projects that are replicable, expandable, and sustainable with a significant extra impact on environmental sustainability….

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