Flynas Airlines Case Solution & Answer

Flynas Airlines Case Solution

Flynas also needs specialized cabin crew with great hospitality to deal with flyers, which could help the company in order to build its positive image among its customers and in public as well.


As competition in the aviation industry of Saudi Arabia has increased, therefore Flynas should pay more attention on it flight infrastructure. Flynas needs to equip its airlines according to the international standards. The aircraft of Flynas requires renovation to meet the demand of comfort and luxury, as the aircraft’s have narrow seats due to which passengers may feel discomfort.

Customer service:

The staff of Flynas needs to improve as it has been reported that their behavior is not well towards the passengers. Modern rules and laws require Flynas’ staff to have training in customers’ service. Apart from that, training and development, hiring more hospitable staff and crew are necessary for Flynas in order to compete with its rivals.Moreover, Flynas needs to improve its flight operations according to the flyers’ demands.

Why these challenges exist?

Flynas’ traditional approach could be a reason for these challenges. The lack of skill of the crew leads to the dissatisfaction for the passengers. Due to limited number of aircrafts, the passengers may prefer to travel with other airlines. Flynas aircrafts also lack in providing luxury travel due to their low cost strategy. This often leads to customer dissatisfaction as customers require comfortable air travel with all the luxury needs. It is expected that skilled crew is also important for any airline to sustain its position. Moreover, the lackof training and development leads to thelack of hospitality among the crew members of Flynas, which also causes dissatisfaction with respect to its customers.

Negative Impacts of these challenges:

These challenges can have negative impacts on the company’s reputation and sales margin. These challenges will also affect the customers’ satisfaction. It is expected that if Flynas would not pay attention on these problems,then the passengers would also not prefer to fly from Flynas.In addition to this, it could be said that the lack of skill of the workforce may harm the reputation of Flynas.

How to resolve these challenges:

 Flynas can cope up with these challenges by properly utilizing its resources. Moreover, the airline needs to invest a lot of amount in order to meet all the challenges. By increasing aircraft’s, it will help Flynas to compete better.

Flynas should make such reforms in which proper training and development could be provided to its staff. The airlines also needs to in crease its prices in order to meet the upcoming challenges. Flynas needs to hire skilled and passionate workforce in order to increase the quality of its services. Training will also help Flynas to make improvements in its customer services and the overall quality of their operations.The airline also needs to bring some technological innovations so that it can compete with its rivals…………..

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