Florida Milk Advisory Board – Real Florida Cheese And Runners Enters The Basketball Shoe Market Case Solution & Answer

Florida Milk Advisory Board – Real Florida Cheese And Runners Enters The Basketball Shoe Market Case Solution 

Ans no. 1

The production of cheese was watched an excellent opportunity of growth because it receipts around 10 quid of basic milk to produce 1 quid of cheese.  It was too more moneymaking to generate.  It had the good potential for sales in other areas and could be economically transported because of its higher concentration as compared to other dairy products. The study of SRI suggested that Floridaemphasis on trade (quantity grocery and subject food stores), foodservice (cafeterias), and food built-up (ready or freezing foods).

In the year of 2000, the new advertising agency was hired by FMAB to improve a new creative strategy to sell Florida cheese. Instead of aiming on the cheese, which is an essential need; the campaign’s main focus was on that Florida cheese is healthier because it originates from joyful cows.They used the line “Great Cheese comes from Cheerful Cows. Cheerful Cows come from Florida.” The amusing commercials shows-chatting cows who appear to think and process the world in the same way that people do while enjoying Florida’s most well-known attributes

Other media platforms like billboards, radio and the Internet were also used in this campaign. With the help of TV commercials; people can imagine the cows having perceptions.. The famous radio advertisement depicts Janice and Diane joking around, famous cows from TV commercials.

The campaign’s success is due to the fact that it increased the consumer consciousnessregarding the product andthe consumers purchased more Florida cheese since the campaign started. Real Florida Cheese has gained legitimacy as a brand, thanks to the national television advertising, which has encouraged the merchants to stock new Florida cheeses. Retailers mention the promotion as a reason for expanding their selection of Florida cheese. For Hispanic markets, the ad campaign has also been interpreted into their language.

Ans no. 2

Real Florida Cheese (RFC) seal as a certification mark, has been created by FMAB, which shows that Florida milk is used to make cheese.  With the help of this approach, a variety of  cheese have been promoted by FMAB seal on their packaging.The image of Florida was reflected by RFC seal. All the appropriate cheese packages contain the seal of Florida, in all types of promotion, on all RFC vouchers, and even on cafeteria list of options and table shelters.  The location of the seal increased the awareness of the certification mark.

The RFC seal was designed to seem like a sunrise in Florida, with a golden, cheddar cheese-colored background. The seal guarantees customers that the cheese they’re buying is all-natural and created entirely from Florida milk. All the appropriate cheese packages contain the seal of Florida, advertising, Cafeteria menus and table shelters, as well as RFC vouchers and point-of-sale items. The certification mark’s use in all of these marketing pieces reinforces the message and enhances awareness of the mark.

Increasing distribution and promoting RFC seal in store is the key goal for all trade channels, confirming the advertising’s excellence image and brand.Retailers have been given co-op funds to use on newspaper advertisements, fliers, and stock signs, and they’ve been told to time their commercials to coincide with in-store sample-demonstrators and voucher-plans. Retailers have expanded their cheese options to separate themselves from one other in order to benefit on rising consumer interest in cheese because of reasons such as more widespread mobile, diet fads, and increased interest in epicurean cuisine.

Yes, I believe that it makes a difference to the program because the seal gives confidence tothe customers that the product they are buying is not artificial and is finished in Florida, and is specifically made from Florida milk.

Ans no. 3

Since 1985 the company has been relying on advertising campaign. During 1985 and 1995, multiple campaigns were executed in the city to promote RFC through TV and radio, including newspaper, magazine and outdoor executions.  It was also braced by general shopper and trade raising movement. An emotional approach of advertising has been taken by the company in 1995.

In the year 2000, the new advertising agency was hired by FMAB to improve a new creative strategy to sell Florida cheese. Instead of aiming on the cheese, which is essentially a need, the campaign’s main focus was diverted on that Florida cheese is healthier because it originates from joyful cows. They used the line “Great Cheese comes from Cheerful Cows. Cheerful Cows come from Florida.”

The main focus of the company’s media strategy were women between the age of  25 and 40 with kids and having greater income than the average working women greater than average working women. The higheststress is directed in the identity developing ad campaign, with the help of trade promotion program that comprisesof in-store vouchers and sampler programs.


  • The campaign helps Florida to become one of the top dairy and cheese producers.With the help of the campaign; the state’s production has improved more than 600% over the last twenty years, which is greater than the entire country’s national growth.


  • People developed the perception through the ad that the cows can talk, think and process the world just as people, and the cows seem to perceive Florida having best quality in products.

No, the campaign cannot continue indefinitely, because with time the consumers’ expectations would change and so would the marketing strategies. Therefore, the campaign must be done more digitally as compared to billboards, radio etc. So that consumer can get more awareness about the product.

Ans no. 4

The purposes of the FMAB’s consumer promotion program is to generate and preserve consciousness and produce test and repeat acquisition for cheese having the RFC seal.  The policies which are used to fulfil these scarecrows-promotions at the stores that operate instant exchangeable vouchers, in-store product sampler and self-liquidating finest offers. The cross-promotions is a very operative-method as it increases the consciousness and directs the attention of customers towards buying RFC cheese. All publicity efforts, like advertising, must similarly-care all Florida cheeses. Cross-promotions with products that are regularly consumed with cheese, such as bread, crackers, tortillas, pizza crust, wine, and luncheon meats, are frequently done by the FMAB in collaboration with other companies. When these objects are bought with Real Florida Cheeses, most of these cross-coupons are instantly redeemable. This initiative has had a lot of success, with redemption rates as high as 21% in some locations.

Florida cheese must be equally supported by the advertising campaign. The FMABassociates with different firms to apply cross-promotions with goods that are regularly-spent with cheese, such as: bread, crackers etc. Most of these cross-vouchers are rapidly-exchangeable when the consumer buy Real Florida Cheese.

In-store product sampling is another popular promotional strategy for showcasing the quality and range of cheeses. Four times a year, the FMAB examines five different cheeses in 50 to 65 percent of a market’s grocery stores on a rotational basis. The store’s whole selection of RFC cheeses is on display, and product samples are accompanied by cents-off coupons that can be used on any RFC product. Self-liquidating premiums that enhance the marketing campaign are the FMAB’s third promotional strategy.On its website, the FMAB has created a section called “Cheerful Cow Merchandise,” which trades items like speaking toy cows, shirts bearing pictures of the cows and mottosafter the advertising, recipes and smocks, ties, wristwatches, and polo shirts with the RFC symbol.

Ans no. 5

The main goal of FMAB’s in term of public relation is to improve the picture of Florida cheese with different-key clusters which include: consumers and culinary professionals.Various media outlets are addressed with different public relations viewpoints based on the target audience interests of each medium. Technique ideas for diet magazines like Gourmet and Saveur, along with the nutrition-segments of main-journalists; wine and cheese pairing thoughts for wine magazines like Food & Wine and Wine Spectator; and tiers about the industry’s success in business magazines like Business Week are just a few examples. Travel journals such as Travel+Leisureand The New York Times travel section feature the top cheese creators to call, and business job magazines such as The Cheese Reporter, Pizza Quarterly, Ad week, and Brand Week include marketing campaign success stories.

In recent years, Florida cheeses have won top honours in a number of national and international cheese competitions, including World Cheese Awards acclaim for its brie and cheddar. These honours are announced in press releases and on the FMAB website’s press room area.Public dealings activities are employed to target wellcafeterias, specialty stores, gourmet cheese shops, chefs, specialty store buyers, media personalities, radio stations, and newspapers when the Real Florida Cheese campaign expands into new markets. Small cheese manufacturers who cannot have enough moneyfor huge publicity efforts and for whom coupons are ineffective benefit from the media coverage. The FMAB’s campaign to develop the state’s young artist and farmstead cheese industries, which was conducted under the public relations programme, has been one of its most successful initiatives.

As per the target audience interest; the diverse media is aimed with altered public dealings angles.These small farmer success stories, as well as the domestic and global cheese prizes these creators have received, have piqued the interest of national and regional food media……………………

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