Fleetway: Where The Fun Never Stops Case Solution & Answer

Fleetway: Where The Fun Never Stops Case Solution


In 2018, the vice-president of processes at Fleet way was required to take some crucial decisions regarding the firm’s future planning. Fleetway, a family performing hub in London U.K, Ontario, was a well-knownplace for family entertainment. With fresh-rivals in the division and a few growth-alternatives to choose from, the v.p had to choose whether adding go-karting or an escape room showed the best chances for the firm’s future success. Although doing both was possible too, but the main question arises that should Fleetway become a top services offering firm or they should remain in their current business structure. The expansion could be a better chance for the firm for its future expansion and sustain its position in the business, as other businesses have also moved slowly towards expansion.

Option 1: Existing Status

One of the suggested alternatives is that Fleetway should maintain its position in the market by providing quality services to its customers. Most of the revenue is generated by the company with the help of its bowling game services, so the company should shift more focus to bowling, and to improving its bowling services. The pros and cons of caring for the condition are discussed below:


  • The company earns a higher income compared to competitors operating in the same industry and has more opportunities to increase its revenue by continuing to focus on its current users.
  • The company can easily maintain its product portfolio and provide better service
  • There will be no additional investment requirement.


  • The company will limit the opportunity to expand and diversify its customer base
  • The company may face stiff competition in the future, set by new market participants.

Option 2: Go-Kart

Another option is for a company to provide a kart track to its customers. Go-kart track is considered a separate ride from other rides provided by Fleetway. It offers a premium and an excellent experience for families that include different age groups. The new go-kart track is considered one of the company’s best opportunities to increase business performance, with the potential to prove beneficial in filling a gap in existing market needs.


  • No additional costs will be incurred in the construction of the building.
  • Add another product to the company’s portfolio, as go-karting is considered to be different from other Fleet way offerings.
  • The company will get better profit margins, as there are very few competitors offering go-kart services on the market.
  • Provides a competitive advantage in the market by providing value-added services.
  • Increases customer base, and can help fulfill the company’s promise that “entertainment never ends”


  • It requires significant investment.
  • Chances of failure, because the company will offer new rides or tracks in its center where the company will charge a higher price compared to other rides.
  • It can increase the complexity of the company.

Option-3: Escape Rooms: Suspicious Opportunity

Another way of Fleetway is Escape Rooms, a form of premium entertainment. Escape Room is a challenging team activity that takes place inside a game room with a theme. The game should be played in such a way that the team must find directions, solve puzzles and unlock locks, resulting in escape from the room. The pros and cons of the Escape Rooms are discussed below:……………

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