FISDAP- The Nursing Opportunity Case Solution & Answer

FISDAP- The Nursing Opportunity Case Solution


Fisdap started when the CoAEMSP required the stude

nts to track their performance during their internship and based on these performances there internships was carried, as the students were required to complete certain tasks before completing their internships.This required institutes to track performance of their internees therefore,Johnson and Page used their resources to create new software, which allows tracking the performance of the students.It was started in 2001 after buying the Fisdap software from SESSCO Company.

The main products for the company included following;

• Skill Tracker- This was used by students who were doing internships in institutes to record their performances and experience in a database which could be used by administration to assess the performance of the trainees.
• Scheduler- It is the second product developed by the company which allows

fisdap the nursing opportunity case solution
fisdap the nursing opportunity case solution

the administration of an institute to manage the shifts of the internships students. As the trainees of EMS were usually with ambulances, therefore it was difficult to schedule their tasks as a result;this software was used to do this work easily.
• Testing- It was used by educators in examining the students to ensure that the test given to them actually tested what they were intended to.
Problem Statement
The CEO saw a new opportunity in the market which he wanted to grab for the company.The opportunity was that Fisdap should move into the new market of U.S EMS education community. The problems arising for the company are following;
• The new market in which Fisdap desired to move was the nursing option, although it was a large potential market with millions of registered nurses working in U.S however,the market was regulated in a much more detail and therefore the risks for the company increased significantly.
• To enter the new market, Fisdap’s capital base was too small and therefore, the company required taking new capital probably from debt.Due to this,the company needs to take debt which might change the overall capital policy of the company.


The company has been qualitatively analyzed, therefore to evaluate whether the risks taken by the company, by entering the new market of nursing, will result in significant returns thus, in order for the company to earn the above risks have been taken.Following is the analysis of the company’s nursing option using the PEST model of analysis;

PEST Analysis

Political Analysis

The nursing market was highly regulated and every nurse had to be registered before practicing. Also, the internships for nurses were different as compared to EMS as the requirements were more detailed and the requirements were complex to be programmed and the programs need to be updated more regularly to remain viable in the market. Moreover,the NCLEX-RNupdates were quite frequent and strict compliance was required.

Economical Analysis

The economic situation of the company is expected to improve if the company penetrates in the new market. As the company will earn increased revenue if it enters the new market then itis expected to grow significantly as the market is large and there is no competition therefore, if the company performs well and is able to make a good customer base then the company will have potential of becoming the market leader of the nursing education market……………….

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