Final Project – Healthcare Case Solution & Answer

Final Project – Healthcare

Customer Insights and Demands

Medical care area is relatively not the same as different areas. In medical care, each client is different basically, emotionally and chemically. The interest in medical care areas relies on the consumer loyalty to gain wellbeing. After a great deal of exploration, it has been seen that the client needs the best clinical benefits in sensible evaluating technique. The monetary state of purchasers rely on their decision of treatment. Also, the telemedicine is another primary element that helps the clients. The older patients who cannot effectively travel to the medical clinic needs a constant therapy at the solace of their home. Also, the insusceptible arrangement of more seasoned individuals are incredibly low so there is a dangers of creating diseases when they came to the medical clinic. For this reason, it is essential to acquaint digital technology and telemedicine to avoid any further mishap. (Babalola, 2017)

Strategic Plan


“To move trust, and add to wellbeing and prosperity by giving the best consideration to each patient through coordinated clinical practice, affordable cost and research activities”


“To provide compassionate, accessible, high quality, cost effective healthcare to one all. To serve with a patient’s first motto and to work towards a patient- centered care. To make things easier for the healthcare workers and to promote their success”


Following are the primary objectives of the organization;

  • To work on the scarce resources
  • To improve hospital management
  • To develop cost effective hospital techniques
  • To resolve healthcare professional shortages
  • To introduce E-health
  • To make the industry more digitalized and easy for the patients


SWOT Analysis

The hospital industry faces the couple of short term and long-term challenges. Appendix 1 shows the strength of the organization accompanied by weaknesses and potential opportunitiespresent in the surroundings that organization should look into and take into the account.


  • Treatment cost
  • Average hospital stay
  • Bed Occupancy rate
  • Total used resources
  • Patient waiting time
  • Staff to patient ratio
  • Professional turnover rate
  • Patient review and safety
  • Payer costs

Strategies to Address Issues

To address the lack of medical care experts, it is essential to give the acute need to every one of the scholastic experts expected to prepare adequate quantities of trained professionals and essential consideration doctors to really focus on a huge and as of now insufficiently served populace. The accompanying strategies would be prescribed to resolve the issue;

Increase Field Interest

It is important to increase the training or counseling programs for the medical care workers in order to reduce the shortage of the worker and increase of field of interest. The continuous training programs are extremely important to train the professionals that how to behave during hard times and resolve the issues rather than leaving the site.

Establish Excellence Centers

The specialty environmental medication is creating during seasons of restricted monetary assets and with a couple of scholarly projects presently ready to connect the general wellbeing and the clinical parts of the field. A predetermined number of focuses of greatness (10 to 15) that give particular preparation and research in environmental medication should be developed in near future.

Increase Funding

It is essential to build the financing exercises to expand the occupation or medication programs and to guarantee sufficient beginning up assets for recently prepared personnel, especially those occupied with growing new areas of insightful request in word related and natural medication.

Giving Healthcare Workers an Opportunity to Change Policies

Medical care laborers are the top to settle on choices about how to improve their industry. If they can offer bits of knowledge to government administrators and industry pioneers, they might achieve changes that make their positions more straightforward and make them more interesting in clinical settings.

Increase Number of Workers

It is essential to build the primary professionals by expanding pay hole between the particular and essential consideration laborer. It is vital to further develop a work life of the specialists and make the things simpler for them too. The augmentation in essential consideration of subsidizing is one more significant component to make medical services areas really convincing.


The medical services expenditures becomes thusly higher than the GDP rate. The clinical consideration is projected to have outrageous trouble in the coming year. In addition, In the England the medical care is currently confronting tremendous healthcare shortages. This is because of the increase in long term and chronic disease has devastating effects on the medical healthcare. The shortage of medical services and high burden affects the organization tremendously. A worldwide lack of medical care laborers will result from the increment in medical care strain and low subsidizing costs. In order to resolve the issues, it is important to implement the long term strategies by seeking the organization’s long term goals and their surrounding effects….

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