Fashion Business Research Project Case Solution & Answer

Fashion Business Research Project Case Solution



Project Introduction:

Over the past decade, the fashion sense and style of people have started to have frequent changes. New designers have entered the market, and are trying to make a bold statement with their designs. It’s not easy for the new entrants to capture the market for themselves since brands like “ISSEY MIYAKE” are ruling over the fashion industry. ISSEY MIYAKE operates in the United Kingdom as well as in Japan. The overseas fashion market has proved itself to be irresistible. In this research report we will be analyzing the brand ISSEY MIYAKE in detail and learn how it operates in the UK and in Japan.

Project Aim and Objectives:

The aim of this project is to learn about how fashion brands like “ISSEY MIYAKE” run a successful business here in UK and overseas as well. To learn about this successful brand and understand its business strategy.The objective of this research is do perform an in-depth analysis of the choosing fashion brand in order to identify its strategies, functions, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Research Design:

The research design for this report is very simple and clear. Our primary source of data is the brand’s website. We will also be looking at the performance reports published on the brand and the work done by other researchers will also be included with proper referencing.


Introduction to ISSEY MIYAKE:

The designer Issey Miyake was born in Japan, Hiroshima in 1938. He studied graphic designing and was successfully able to graduate from the Tama Art University, Tokyo in the year 1965. After graduation he packed his bags and travelled to Paris which was the fashion centre of the world. He started his apprenticeship under Guy Laroche in 1966 and two years after that worked under Givenchy.

Issey, after his apprenticeship ended in Paris, went to New York to work with “Geoffrey Beene” who was an American Fashion Designer. After learning from the French and American designers, he moved back to Tokyo to start his own brand under the name “Miyake Design Studio” in 1970. Mistake was an expert in his work; one of his friends took Issey Miyake’s design samples and showed them to Vogue Magazine and Bloomingdale’s, which was a major department store back then. Both were excited to see the designs and decided to help Issey Miyake. Bloomingdale’s allotted a small portion of their store to Issey where he could display his designs for sale(Britannica, 2020).

Issey Miyake’s first collection in New York was basic T-shirts with Japanese tattoo designs(Bonnie, 2011). He also introduced coats embroidered with special sashiko sewing technique. Sashiko technique is an ancient Japanese technique used to provide strength to fabrics (Yun, 2009).  In 1973 he attended a show where French ready to wear designs were displayed and after two years Issey Miyake open his very own boutique in Paris. History of ISSYE MIYAKI’s brand affiliation is shown below in figure 1(MIYAKI, 2020).

Figure 1: Affiliation History

Today Issey Miyake is not just the name of a designer but is a name of huge luxury fashion brand. From the very beginning of his journey to this day, Issey has focused on the concept of “A Piece of Cloth” in his designs.

ISSEY MIYAKE merged East and West designs and created something, which is loved and appreciated by all. The brand has grown and now works with new innovative techniques. The brand “ISSEY MIYAKE” since spring summer 2020 is being led by the designer “Satoshi Kondo”.


ISSEY MIYAKE products are a mix of Asian and Japanese elements. Their designs are bold, futuristic and unique and tech savvy. The brand has total 11 different product lines. The modern irregular and futuristic style is the speciality of ISSEY MIYAKE. Their product line consists of Men and Women Fashion clothing items, Watches and Parfums (Perfumes) etc. The detail list of products are as follows:

  • Issey Miyake- Main Product Line.
  • Issey Miyake Men- Men Apparel Line,
  • Issey Miyake Parfums- Perfumes Line.
  • Issey Miyake Eyes- Sunglasses for all Genders.
  • Issey Miyake Watches- Men and Women Watches.
  • Bao Bao- Futuristic Bags.
  • IN-EI- Lightening Products.
  • Home Plisse- Home Items.
  • HAAT- Women’s Line.
  • Issey Miyake 1325- Geometrical Shapes made from Recycled Materials.
  • Pleats Please- Jersey Apparel for Women Designed using Special Techniques.
  • Issey Miyake Fête – Women’s Line (Technological Innovation of Pleats Please) etc.
  • Issey Miyake ME.

  • Figure 2: Futuristic Fashion Design by Issey Miyake

    Store Locations:

    ISSEY MIYAKE has a total of 148 stores in Japan and 145 in other Asian countries. In Middle East the brand has a total of 11 stores and in Europe, it has a total number of 266 stores. In Northern America ISSEY MIYAKE have a total of 42 stores, which are providing modern designs and quality products to its customers(Bartlett, 2000).

  • Figure 3: Issey Miyake’s Store Locator Map

    SWOT Analysis:`

    Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
    The brand is focused on a particular market segment. Criticism over the strict policies of the company. Expanding business across the globe. Fierce Competition.
    Loyal customers. Target market limited to young adults. Partnership in Europe. Governmental regulations.
    Highest quality original designs.


    High prices. Partnership in Asia. Consumers shifting towards other brands like Victoria Secrets.
    Popular brand among celebrities.


    Lack of environment friendly products. Niche Marketing Market capture by Gap in international market.
    Global brand recognition and Influential brand among tech savvy individuals. Issues related to gender discrimination and diversity. Unique brand experience. Providing customers with East, West and tech related products. Limited target market a threat to overall market share.


    Competitors of ISSEY MIYAKE in UK and Japan:

    Following are the UK competitors of ISSEY MIYAKE:

    • COMME des GARCONS.
    • Alexander McQueen.
    • Vivinne Westwood.

    Following are the Japan competitors of ISSEY MIYAKE:

    • COMME des GARCONS.
    • Undercover by Jun Takahashi.
    • KENZO by Kenso Takada.
    • Yohji Yamamoto.

    Brand Positioning in the UK:

    Brand positioning map of ISSEY MIYAKE’s UK market is shown below in the figure 3. In this map we have shown the position of ISSEY MIYAKI as compared to its competitors in the UK. This map has been designed considering the following factors:

    • Affordability of a brand.
    • Prestige Pricing.
    • Aesthetic Clothing.

    Unconventional Luxury.



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