Evaluation of “integrated” (market and non-market) strategy of a State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic Case Solution & Answer

Evaluation of “integrated” (market and non-market) strategy of a State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic Case Solution

Information: It plays the key role in the non-market environment. In order to resolve the current profitability issue of the company, the information for the hedging alternatives are readily available in the derivative market arena that could very easily resolve the existing issue of the company. In addition to this, the management of the company could have the variety of alternatives for decision making from the information uploaded in the derivative market. It can be seen that the information is highly up to date and time and is changing according to the expected change in demand and supply of hedging assets

Assets: The major assets used by the company in order to successfully operate in the arena of derivative market to resolve the existing issues are the money and strong credibility. These are the two vital elements that the company must possess in excess quantity in order to resolve the current issue effectively. With the help of various hedging alternatives assets present in the derivative market, the proper analysis of each of them could come up with the optimal solution that could negate the effects generated from the fluctuation in the oil prices and simultaneously could help in improving and maintaining the profitability conditions of the company.

Integration of the Market and the Non-Market Strategies

It can be seen that the company is currently looking for expanding its boundaries globally by entering into the new market. However, the non-marketing issues are hindering the overall performance of the company therefore by integrating the two strategies the firm could be in a better position to succeed in the global market and simultaneously resolve the variety of different risks that are imposed due to the fluctuation in the oil prices of the company. It can be seen that in the instance of lower prices of the oil in the industry that is the uncontrollable factor, the company could choose for cash flow hedge in order to secure its position from losses. With the help of choosing the cheap financing source that is the retained earnings, the company can very easily opt for the expansion plans in different regions for the future…………….

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