Evaluation of Articles Case Solution & Answer

Evaluation of articles in the Harvard Business Review that whether or not they help its readers in theirbusiness decisions. The evaluation will also consider whether or not from a business reader perspective, the articles were worth my time or not, and the reasons for it.

Six Articles:

  • Power Play
  • Understanding ‘New Power’
  • The Authenticity Paradox
  • What’s needed next: A culture of candor
  • Why strategy execution unravels-and what to do about it
  • Get the boss to buy in
  1. This is an extremely useful piece of writing which covers the aspect of power in order to fulfill our goals and objectives.It highlights on the fact that in the practical world your goals and objectives will conflict with those around you and even though you are competent and possess the required skills and knowledge, there will be barriers and hurdles in the form of conflicts of interests, and in order to overcome these obstacles you need to exercise power. From a readers point of view this article correctly depicts reality and I am sure everyone must have faced situations like these where they feel that if they had enough power they could have done what they were trying to do. This article also correctly describes that in order to achieve your objectives and be a successful leader you must also establish appropriate power skills that are extremely significant but not many people develop them due to the fact that they are not mainstream skills. This article also covers the various exploitative skills and the use of leverage over someone or a group, that can be used in exercising power. Although this may seem ethically wrong but these are the facts of the practical world we have to face. Therefore from a business reader’s point of view this article is immensely valuable because almost everyone can relate to it and learn further on how to resolve these situations.


  1. Evaluation of Articles Case Solution & AnswerEvaluation of Articles Case Solution & Answer
  2. It was also worth my time reading this article as it highlights from various actual examples what different individuals did in different situations in order to achieve their objectives.It informs of the skills that differentiate the Best from the mediocre and also of the fact that in today’s world there are a lot of skilled people and intense competition and in order to advance,exercising power and building up on it is extremely crucial.
  3. Basically this article highlights the difference between new and old power, and the characteristics of new power.From a business reader’s point of view it is critical to identify the business culture of today. Two of the biggest categorizations that can be made today are the old and new power values, with new power rapidly expanding. Old power here is power of already established companies, groups and individuals following a top-down approach in which there is little feedback and little participation by others, whereas new power relates to the collective strength of individuals with a highly networked structure where everybody has a opinion. In order to understand from a business reader perspective that why companies like Facebook, twitter and Uber have grown so fast and so quickly it is imperative to understand the characteristics of new power that is embedded in these companies. These are informal, highly networked organizations. In these participation and sharing of content and data are a key factor. With participation and the sharing of content by the users, new power structures are nothing. It was worth my time reading this as it refers to two major types of organizations that can be seen today, one with a formal and rigid structure and with a top down approach with little say of the employees or users, and second the informal, flexible and networked structures that are growing with a rapid pace in today’s environment also due to the fact that smart phones and personal computers have become so common nowadays……………………..

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