Evaluation of a Tourist Attraction in London Case Solution & Answer

 Evaluation of a Tourist Attraction in London Case Solution


Based on free national-museums, world-class theater, vibrant markets, historic royal places, eye-opening art-galleries as well as the abundance of the green spaces all across the city;London is blessed with valuable and renowned places and attractions wrapped in heritage and tradition,which most cities could ever dream of. But, the tourism industry of the US, with the Brexit looming, tends to support more than one tenth of the jobs of the country.(O’Dwyer, 2018).

The focus of this research: London, has been one of the leading and top toured cities throughout the world for many years and the city is also a key gateway for both national and international visitors. London is managed in an environmentally, culturally as well as economically sustainable manner in order to create a harmonious and rich community life, vibrant as well as a sustainable economy & broad range of opportunities for the residents of London.

Furthermore, the city is surrounded by royal parks and widespread green parks, and tourists are most likely to enjoy a suitable and great weather condition as compared to the extreme weather conditions in other cities across the world.  Most visitors, whether they come to London for the pleasure or business, from rest of United Kingdom or from around the globe, are left enriched &stunned by the experience that they have in the city. They help make the city that it is today – diverse, welcoming and open capital of culture, sport and entertainment.

London is quick to paint the positive & bright future for its tourism sector in the face of the Brexit, but it must accept that the visitors would not be happy with their experience of visiting London in case it would lose its EU tourism workforce, which could cause concerns ranging from longer wait time to lagging investment in the infrastructure.(Peltier, 2017)

There are various benefits that visitors bring to the city, such as: around one in seven of work forces of London is employed directly or indirectly by the tourism industry. Also, the tourism industry provides valuable opportunities to the people at every stage of their career. The visitors also spend considerable amount of money in shops, attraction, hotels, venues and restaurants, thus helping the city being lively & sustaining its cultural and business institutions.

Literature Review

According to (Oh, 2000) and (Y. Yoon, 2005);tourism is one of the major driving force for the growth and sustainability of any country’s economy. It is pertinent to note that the tourism industry could help in maximizing the revenues of the government by increasing the rates of tourism income and minimizing the unemployment (C.F. Chen, 2007). Thus, the understanding and knowledge of the factors influencing the tourists to revisit the place or destination and what makes tourists “satisfied” is of high concern for the success and development of tourism as well as its positive effects over the country’s economic growth.(C. Eusebio, 2013)

In the tourism industry; the concept of the repeating visitors is considered to be desired by the destination managers, government and tourist managers.(A.L.S. Lau, 2004)The perception of visitors regarding a place could be enhanced by designing the new websites or optimizing the current one, effectively.(P. Foroudi, 2016). The major impacts of the tourists’ attitude over the place’s website and identity includes tourist behavior (Hunt, 1975), destination choice (U. Bastion, 2014) and place identity (Tuan, 1980)Tourism should be positioned in a unique way in order to capitalize on the growth in the industry while showcasing unique natural wonders, significant cultural heritage and diverse landscapes to the tourists or visitors from all around the world. The sustainable tourism needs to be indigenous oriented and should be emphasize on educational knowledge and experience, conserve natural resources, fostering the  appreciation of cultural diversity etc.(Yazdi, 2012).

The tourists are also becoming more empowered, more informed as well as more capable to organize their trips independently. They also seek destinations that would provide them with unique & differentiated experience and that would connect them to the authenticity of those places.The decision of visitorsto decide the destination is based on emotional thoughts, imaginations, knowledge, conception, knowledge, beliefs as well as impressions held by the people about the destination or place(A.M. Al hemmed, 1996), (S. Baloglu, 1997). It is demonstrated by the prior research that the destinations with positive and strong images could impact upon and promote choice of customers’ destination.(Goodrich, 1978). The advanced technology, i.e. internet, has changed the pattern of consumer preferences, thus resulting in the creation of various challenges in tourist marketing (A. Lepp, 2011). For a place or destination to be successful and attractive; it must be positively differentiated and positioned as compared to the competitors in the tourism industry.(R.J. Calantone, 1989)


In this study, archival research is used to collect data from the sources that already exist and are reviewed by the researchers. The aim of the study is to gain a meaningful understanding and knowledge regarding the tourist’s attraction towards London and how it could expand in the near future. Furthermore, the literature-based methodology helps in analyzing and sorting the literature in order to draw a meaningful conclusion on the prevalence of tourism industry of London. In the study, the qualitative aspects of the research are taken into consideration. The-secondary data is used in the study, which includes: scholarly articles, online statistics, search engines, research-papers, peer-reviewed articles and other academic publications.

In addition to this, the archival research-based methodology most likely lowers the response biases, has already been collected and is very plentiful, which in turn makes it less costly as compared to the alternative methods of the research. Also, the archival research-based methodology is used, because it provides valuable-insights and knowledge regarding the tourist attraction of London & possibility for its expansion in the near future.

Results and Discussion

The rise of sharing economy and the social media as well as the desire for personalized, new and distinctive experiences are constantly pushing the tourists into peripheral destinations. It is pertinent to note that Britain would be having tourism industry having the worth of over £257 billion by the end of the year 2025, which would be just under 10 percent of the GDP of UK &would support around 3.8 million employment opportunities, which is around 11 percent of total number of UK.(Officials, 2019)……………………

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