European Union in the 21st Century Case Solution

It focuses on the challenges of the European Union in 2006. After the referendums in France and Holland in 2005, the fate of the European Constitution is in danger. Ten new member states have joined the European Union with Turkey in the early stages of the accession process. The new Member States and future additional members caused a broad discussion on the social crisis, political and. The growth in the EU has been slow, high unemployment and low investment in R & D. The EU has launched a series of reforms aimed at creating a system of “single passport” mutual recognition in EU capital, services and people. However, terrorist attacks, an increase in domestic violence, budget issues and foreign policy, expansion and immigration issues plaguing the EU. In light of these problems, what is the future of the EU and its constitution be?
Gunnar Trumbull
Source: Harvard Business School
28 pages.
Release Date: December 14, 2006. Prod #: 707021-PDF-ENG
European Union in the 21st century solution Case

European Union in the 21st Century Case Solution
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