A European Leadership team is looking to nurture a new talent for the vice president and General Manager Post as Ted is going to retire after providing twenty years of services to the company. Now company needs to formulate a plan to train one of their employees from the European Leadership Team for the post of VP and GM.

Current Scenario

Currently, it has been brought into attention that few members of the European Leadership Team are found to be unproductive at times which undermine their judgment and decision making. In such a case, it would be difficult for the team to function appropriately and run the operations of the company smoothly. Since Ted is considered to be emotionally destructive at the moment as he is not willing to develop his team, which would be responsible to lead the business in his absence, therefore Ted needs to realize the consequences of his action. Although, Ted is a great leader but his mind is positioned in a way where he isn’t able to anticipate the troubles that could arise once he retire therefore he needs to be informed of nurturing a new talent for his replacement as his actions are supposed to make a potential impact on the business. Ted needs to cope up with the realities of change and he should face the hard reality instead of minimizing the complexities to run things smoothly until he retires.

Change Process

Psychologists have been developing the leadership theories since decades. They say that a leader should have motivation to take responsibilities. According to research, a leader needs to have skills to convert the criticism into something substantial for his team. Not only this, he should be able to give only constructive criticism to his team mates. A leader who can provide with a constructive criticism will eventually see the positive results. In order to get things started, there is a dire need to patch up a professional coach with Ted who’ll help him to expand his understanding and will make him realize about the position he is into and the kind of people he is leading. Ted needs to confront himself and his leadership style to make sure where he is heading.  This exercise isn’t going to last in a while because it is an ongoing coaching that could last for a couple of sessions. This coach will have one on one meeting with Ted and will give him with the feedbacks on and off while inviting critical stakeholders in the process for their feedbacks as well. The responsibility of this coach would be to eliminate Ted’s blind spots and bring them into light enabling him to realize what he has been unaware of. By uncovering the hidden layers, Ted would be able to find the answers to the criticality of the problem, which his business is facing and then he would be willing to start working on building his own team and taking new actions.

The next approach would be to start bringing a change in his team which is found to be inefficient and unproductive at times. The motivations, strengths and weaknesses of all the stakeholders shall be analyzed and mapped out through in-depth interviews with them on an individual basis. Existing barriers that are stopping the execution of the strategies and learnings would also be diagnosed. This initial screening would help to redesign the responsibilities and roles of the organization while overcoming the barriers. This activity will highlight the key issues of all the stakeholders and will provide a way to work out a structured approach to resolve and fix destructive behaviors of the team members. Firstly, behaviors of all the team members will be observed over a period of time, which will highlight the issues and help to prepare training programs, tailored to the requirements of individual team members. This tailored approach would help in creating the clear set of goals to create an extra efficient and tremendous performing team. This would be an ongoing process to make sure that training produce the desired results as conversations with individuals will be held after training to get to know their feedback and they will be monitored throughout the 2 years to analyze their weak spots and further trained, if required, to equip with the necessary behavior that ensures the smooth functioning of the team. This whole process will ensure bringing the best out of the team members and other critical stakeholders while ensuring that Ted plays a significant role in reshaping the behavior of his team. ………


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