European Identity Case Solution & Answer

European Identity  Case Solution


The report sets out to have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the complex phenomenon of identification with Europe. The paper also examines some of the forecast and estimations about the future changes in the feeling of national identity in the European-Union and compare the ideology behind the future of nationalism from two authors including Michael Mandelbrot and Men-no Spearing.


In the paper “The Future of National Identity in the European Union” and “the future of nationalism”, following points are identified as similar;

  • The significance of the national identity is followed by the advantages of inspiring good governance, enhances physical security, engenders supports for the strong nets of social safety, foster trust among citizens of the country, facilitate the development of the economy as a whole, and so forth (Fukuyama, 2018).
  • The people in the European Union would remain loyal to their identities in the near future.
  • Additionally, it is identified that the reason for the loyalty among the people towards their national identity is that the stable collective identities are supposed to be one of the sources of psychological well-being (Radosveta Dimitrova, 2013).
  • The closer competition on cultural matters is of high importance in order to affirm the awareness of the heritage of the common culture as an element of the European identity.
  • Both of these two papers attempted to stress the significance of the national identity as it improves the physical security and contributes positively to the development of the economy.


Comparing and contrasting these two papers is possible based on the fact that the state must have borders that could not be possible without the will of the government which attempts to settle the national conflict. In addition to this, the war is highly led by nationalism and the surges of nationalism tend to occur when there are high tensions between countries (Schrock-Jacobson, 2012).

  • Men-no Spearing stressed the importance of promoting the European awareness is discussed through intensifying the exchanges of experience, predominantly among the young generation as well as by enhancing the level of understanding and knowledge related to the member state and of valuable insights and information on culture and history of Europe. In doing so, the loyalty among the people could be significantly enhanced.

Following the classic patterns of creation of the national identity, there is a likelihood that the movement of European-nationalists would resorts to violence and coercion with core consideration of destroying the old national loyalties in favor of the new collective European ideology as long as the general and distribution of wealth and influence are maintained…………………….

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