Ethics for Indigenous Australian- Sydney Consultancy Case Solution

It is the role of the leader to retain and nurture the talent of the individuals and expose them to the policies, value and culture of the organization without judging on the pasts based on religion, or cast. Most of the times, the decline takes place when the organization does not put in any effort in the training of the employees and expects a professional work from them and if they fail, they take no time on firing the employees. This is an ethical issue which is dealt by ethic management teams of the organization.

In a nutshell, workplace ethics have come a long way in strengthening and shaping the bond of the employees with the organization and most importantly the leaders. However, it is also significant to shape and reinvent the value set of the leaders to make them understand the stance of each individual and then incorporate the ethical values in the process to decide the right thing that could resolve the issue without building any resentment. The dilemma most of the organizations face is the indecisive mind that could pick a decision that is ethically right but the power does not let the leader make the right decision.

Ethical Dilemma and Cultural Diversity

Ethics and cultural diversity are the two major dynamics that are influencing the environment of the Modern organization of Australia. Due to high immigrants’ footfall, the population of the Australia has become a mix of indigenous a non-indigenous population which is giving a rising demand of dealing with cultural diversity in organizations. The diversity has taken place due to the mixture or difference of age, religion, culture, gender, values, backgrounds, ethnicity and education working under one roof within same environment. The increased diversity has arose due to large number of women, minorities, older employees and disabled entering the workplace.

In dealing with different types and categories of people many organizations come to a deadlock of ethical dilemma, in which they fail to cater and form an organizational structure and process which takes in all the types of people in account and develops such a value system which caters the needs and values of each employees resulting in high turnover, low morale, bad reputation,reluctance to work and inefficiency leading to anemic productivity.

These ethical issues have far more deep effects which are not confined to the boundaries of the organization. In some countries a particular group of people is stereotypical based on their past and backgrounds, and this group faces pressure and injustice in every part of life which results in high death rates, stress, resentment and grudges, and an example of this could be Brex it. Therefore,an organization needs to maintain such diversity in order to maintain the harmony of the organization and the economic balance of the county.

There are numerous approaches that the organizations of Australia use to deal with diversity between indigenous and non-indigenous work force. In dealing with individuals many organization uses the empathizing technique to understand the stance of the employees, however at organizational level, the company’s use the techniques of training, mentoring, appraising, and programming (programs that offsets each individual correctly)

However, it is important for businesses to deal with the diversity with the ethical management of the workforce, because the ethical codes along with the management’s practices can promote effective management of diversity. It is also imperial to understand the right and wring behaviors associated with each group (moral issues and moral values) in order to make a balance between the two group. The dilemma is organizations lack the vision of seeing the full picture and makes the policies based on the choices of one prominent group and the derived ancient stereo typing which overlooks the strengths, and values of the other group, causing anemic production and Bad Reputation in the market.

In dealing with such dilemma, the role of organizational leader is eminent. The leader must learn and adapt to an array of cultural differences, like what one culture perceives as an ethical action while other culture may not. These issues are important to deal because any negligence with the code of conduct and oral values can lead the management and the organization to face legal problems.

Indigenouspopulation Root causes and Outcomes

Work place discrimination faced by Indigenous Australians:

Employees at workplace should not be discriminated by the employers and the hiring authorities just on the basis of cast color and creed. The natives of Australia face difficulties and discrimination in each and every race of life. Being indigenous creates huge disadvantages for them in everyday life as well as in business situations. Many ethical and social issues are faced by indigenous Australians in dealing with everyday issues. Business opportunities are also not available in a wide span just because they are indigenous. They are supposed to have different ethical moral and social values and are treated by injustice just because of considering that fact.

Some of the issues which indigenous Australians face every day are:

Lack of Educational opportunities, poor health and non-empathetically social attitudes.

Apart from that, there are many ethical dilemmas which are faced by such natives whether we talk about creating business opportunities or implementing business ideas with the non-native community of Australia. The discriminative issues they faced everyday hinder them to utilize the best of the capabilities they have and to create values for themselves and for others. Their health, difference in social values and background become an obstacle in utilizing their potential and collaborating with other people to achieve the mutual goals

Their stereo-typed image and perception about their capabilities that are present in minds of the modern Australian community are the main causes which are responsible for their backwardness and discrimination in every race of life……………

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