Ethical Issues: Ethics and Society Case Solution & Answer

Ethical Issues: Ethics and Society Case Solution


The case discusses about Professor Jones who is an adjunct professor for an MBA program in one of the well-known universities of Canada. Since the professor had a low-paying-job he was unable to pay his student loan. In order go pay this loan he started a website called with the help of other adjunct professors.His main objective behind making this social website was to generate more income with the help of other adjunct professors by helping university students for their assignments and projects and let them get good marks. His website was a hit and he was able to generate enough amount of money annually to pay for his student loan as well as fulfill his basic regular expenses.


The ethical issue lies in this case is that “Was it morally a right action of Professor Jones to generate money by letting students get done with their assignments through his website”. In my opinion Professor jones action was unethical because due to his action the primary objective of assigning assignments to students for better understanding of the course have deteriorated to a greater extent. This case is discussed under moral theories of Rule-utilitarian theory from theory of Consequential, according to which although the professor was getting enough money (benefits) but its consequences was harming the society in the long run with students becoming incompetent, and Theory of Deontology from Non-consequentialist moral theory according to which the action of professor was justified because of his intention of generating money to pay his loans and his future career growth. According to Rule-Utilitarian theory his action was not justified but based on Theory of Deontology the action was justified.


Analysis under Rule Utilitarian Theory:

According to this theory the actions of an individual or group of individuals are not justified even if the consequences of that action generate overall benefits or happiness to them for a short term but it harms the society in the long run. For e.g. if an individual commits a murder even as a response of self-defense it would be considered wrong on the basis of this theory because as a consequence it led to reduced utility as it created harm in the society by taking someone’s life.

Based on the analysis of this theory it could be said that the actions of Professor Jones are not justified.Although because of it he was able to generate enough amount of money and could pay for his expenses and student loan very easily which previously being only an adjunct professor he was unable. Now he was able to focus more on his publications and give more time to it for his career growth because he now does not need to take several classes.

On the other-hand it could be said that as a consequences of his actions, all the benefits are only limited to him and to the group of adjunct professors involved in his website business, but in the long run they are harming the society as because of these actions the future of the society that is its youth would be incompetent. In the future these students would not be able to compete and get hired for good jobs because they were able to get good grades by paying the professors to do their assignments………………………..

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