Essilor Korea Case Solution & Answer

Essilor Korea Case Solution

In addition to this, joint venture agreement also provides operational and financial support to Essilor in order to expand its business in Korea. Moreover, Essilor continues to follow the merger and acquisition policy in order to capture the Korean eye wear market more effectively as compared to its competitors. Hence, Essilor follows the merger and acquisition strategy in order to enter into Korea.

  1. In order to know the Shawler’s efforts to pertain company with profitability, we need to analyze his actions he took for deploying his plans

Openness to change

Shawler wanted to bring change to the business of Essilor. He proposed working strategies to get along on significance change with the brand. Shawler got disappointed when his team members just shook head, as he talks about getting over on the market leader of lenses, Hoya. It supposed they were convinced that it cannot happen. Even more, the president also does not expect of getting onto any competitor, he was rather interested in sales and the profit of the organization.

Not clear vision to President

He arranged some meetings with his marketing team that was comprised of 8 persons. However, one more addition of English speaker made to the Shawler’s request. Unfortunately, the president had confusion to the communicating language in the meetings, and he remained confuse of the Shawler’s vision, due to language difference.

Intensive Vision of Shawler

Shawler was clear with his vision he adopted meetings to demonstrate his vision to president. He tried to convince the marketing team and president too that the company goes beyond the profits and with the long – term objectives it can defeat its competitor, nonetheless they can beat the market Hoya by achieving their short – term goals and working toward long – term.

Cultural difference

Korean was not open to change. This was identified by Min Behn when Shawler talked him about the response of his team members. Shawler explained all situations to Min Behn in order to get rid with the conflicts; he told Min Behn that his marketing team even not convinced that we can go ahead and competes with the market leader. Min Behn hence, made him clear that Korean does not response to the ideas, they just go ahead to do that innovation.

Hurdles to Shawler in implementing strategies

Shawler for his upcoming projects needed some staff and he made it clear in meeting to the president. Shawler put on need of new hires request to the president. He explained the management’s structure and the performance of the management of the organization. Furthermore, he initially needs three English – speaking staff, one for the Customer Service, second for Logistics and third for Training and Development. However, president himself put some constraints to the Shawler; moreover, employees also did not support the Shawler and made the new hires to leave the organization. Following is the detail of those constraints:

Budget Constraints

All of the authorities approved him to recruit for new posts. However, the president made him clear about the salary and its arrangement constraints because the people working for 10 years were going to pay than those of the new hires and Shawler asked to pay them more because their qualification and communication skills. This is the reason a hurdle initial faced by Shawler and he could not hire more employees as he needed.

Executive development in organization

Shawler asked the president to hire more people in order to move toward prosperity of organizational growth and organization’s reputation. However, the president also identified the levels of management in the organization and Shawler was told that the executives are numerous in organizational structure and we don’t need to employee more management levels. He further said they are enough in numbers from the top management to the executive level, by early establishment of Essilor and we want to continue with this organizational structure……………..

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