Erik Peterson Case Solution & Answer

Erik Peterson 

Poor decision making

There is no proper decision making and that is the cause for many problems such as inventory management and in operational financial areas. Moreover, there are conflicts and arguments over the decisions made by others.

Myths from Linda Hill article

From the article one myth is that orders will not be obeyed essentially by subordinates, indeed if one has their formal authority over the subordinates. By applying this to Peterson it could be said that this is not held by him as he is very cooperative and can convince others to obey his orders in harmonious way. He helps others and has broader organization vision; as well as he helps solve conflicts so that there are smooth and effective operations at al level.

It is believed that one would not have more liberty in making things happen; in contrast one will feel controlled by organizational interdependencies. Although Peterson has some freedom in its operating area however, this is also limited by other senior management. The decisions taken by him are taken negatively by others sometimes and they tried to influence such decisions and at the end Peterson has to make some changes in his decision.

Furthermore, there will be more responsibility that could go beyond the designated area of operations, which is not confined to own duties but also to take positive decisive steps for overall organization perspective. This is highly attributable to Peterson as he has become general manager in time of crises and chaos. He has to work hard not only for his own area of operations but also for others, as he has inexperienced and inappropriate team to lead in a crisis situation.

Question 3)

Erik Paterson was promoted from executive position to a manager level, as he was hard working and confident however he lacked the managerial experience. This new position in his career also brought new problems that he had to solve. Erikson came with brilliant planning and solutions to the identified problems using his skills and experience, as an individual contributor. Nonetheless, his solutions were not given adequate respect in the organization which also put Erik in unpleasant situation such as to deal with local lawyers as the director did not agree with Erik’s proposal.

CelluComm Organizational Inconsistencies

Following are the actions of the organizations that did not provide support for Erik;

Inappropriate Organizational Structure

The company should have informed Erik regarding his position in the company and to who he should report on any particular project. It is seen in the case that Erik was confused about to whom he should report and therefore, he faced many difficulties in getting advice from the management.

No Induction Training Provided

When Erik was appointed as the General Manager of the company, he should have received proper induction training from his superiors regarding his duties but no such training was provided and therefore, Erik faced difficulties in managing his job responsibilities.

Inexperienced Senior Management

Hardy was an experienced manager however, he lacked the relevant management skills and also he did not have adequate cellular experience. Therefore, he was not able to supervise Erik in the way a director should have which created huge problems for Erik. An example of this could be that Erik designed a proposal to resolve problems which the company had with the local towns however due to incompetence of Hardy, the proposal of Erik was not accepted and the company faced severe legal problems.

Overburdened Responsibilities

As Erik was inexperienced and did not possess management skills therefore, at some points, he performed duties which he could have delegated to his subordinates. Moreover, the senior management of the company should have given guidance to Erik regarding management.

Lack of Authority

Erik’s plans were not given adequate response by Hardy and Erik lacked authority as compared to the responsibilities that he was handling. Such was the case in the Hardy vs. Erik in the fire department scenario where Erik’s proposal was not accepted which he believed could benefit the company.


Due to the unprofessional behavior of the company, Erik faced several dilemmas and also the company was deprived of benefits that could be received. The company should have reorganized earlier and the reporting lines should have been cleared therefore, Erik could report his issues to relevant authorities. Furthermore, the company should hire personnel in the senior management who have a relevant experience of the industry so that their skills can be utilized to maximum….

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