Sociological Concepts

Well I believe that families and the mass media has played a strong role in the development of different roles of the genders and races in the society. It is due to the factthat, in some societies, the females are trained to carry out certain and specific functions such as doing home chores while men are trained to earn for the family, These roles and functions are imposed on both genders excessively, though I believe such role development is right to some extent but sticking to the particular role in every situation is wrong. For example, a father may not play the role of caretaker of the children, showing love and empathy due to the social factors that have developed distinct role for men and women, leading to inequalities such as social barriers to pursue the passion or switch roles in terms of family development (Miller, 2000).

In addition to this, mass media has greatly effected and transformed the concepts and beliefs of the individuals regarding different societies based on the racial differences. Such as Black American or African American are considered as inferior races in compared to White Americans so all the blue collar jobs and opportunities are providedtoWhite American in some societies which is a strong act of racial discrimination, presuming Black American as inferior and less capable along with distrustful race. Such concepts, I believe have been developed due to the exposure of the false believes in the society and fabricated content in the media that has farmed subconsciously a particular image of different races in the mind, leading to different behaviors around different people and ultimately different attitudes (Runciman, 2000).

Agents of Socialization

Personal Perspectives:


While growing up I have analyzed the different roles families have set for the different individuals. For example, theson in the family may have the freedom to stay out late from home, while the daughters are given more protective and strict treatment in dealing with the external matters. Though such is good in the initial period or in adolescence to prohibit them from taking any wrong step butI believe that the extreme level of such treatment makes both the genders different when exposed to the society, making them choose, think and deal differently. From each other. One example can be the inability of the women to take extreme pressure from male’s surrounding in work place or at educational institutes because of the factthat they have never been exposed to such scenario, leading to poor decision making skills (Anderson, 2012).

In my family though the scenario remained different from the other traditionalfamilies, however, I observed, thegrandparents to dictatecertain set of the roles of men and women in the familysuch as, I heard my grandparents saying that making the house is the responsibility of the woman andupbringing the children too.Such thinkingand value set is one the foundation of many families, making strong gender roles and creating problems and inequalityin the society……………..

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