Entrepreneurial Self-Analysis Case Solution

Critical Evaluation of Profile from GET2 Report

After taking the general enterprising tendency test, it is evident that I am neither highly strong candidate for an entrepreneurial venture, nor I am that weak to handle such responsibilities. The test score indicates that some of the characteristics are my strength towards being creative or innovative, and I can term myself as a creative person to some extent. Being an entrepreneur is a difficult task for me at this point of time or as the current scenario suggests. However, I can be a good entrepreneur and can be quite effective for the organization I am working.

As far as the need for achievement is concerned, the test score indicates that although I have a high need for achievement and seek opportunities, however, I prefer to take calculated risks and avoid involving in such practices that are not being tested before. I prefer to minimize the risks to the best possible extent in order to increase the chances of success and eliminate the fear of failure. However, I am hardworking and keen to achieve more, but I have the tendency to view the gray portion which is neither pessimistic nor highly optimistic.

Furthermore, I prefer not to take charge of any activity as indicated by the test score and rather work as a team player that is a more comfortable option for me. Being a leader is not a preferable option for me as it increases the responsibility and puts the extra burden to perform well not individually but as a team as well. My creative tendency is average along with the ability to take risks that indicate that I prefer to stay in my comfort zone and do not encourage myself to go beyond boundaries to achieve something. The idea is quite clear that I am not a person who is willing to be more responsible and risk taker with creativity at a low point.

The test results indicate that I can be an entrepreneur and can initiate any enterprising project, but my current status indicates that doing all that in a controlled environment and my comfort zone is my preference. However, in order to become a good entrepreneur, I have to develop high locus of control and will have to believe in my instincts. Currently, I seek advices and depending on the ideas and guidelines of others. On the other hand, I have to focus on building high self-confidence that is essential to become a risk taker and creative.

Self-confidence will help in seeking options that have a possibility of generating positive results if implemented correctly but the risk of failure exists. In order to be good in initiating any enterprising objective, I have to encounter my fear of failure and will have to become more optimistic in my approach. The test has indicated that my personality is dependent on the ideas of others, and I provide a very low chance to my creative knowledge and will have to increase my need for achievement.

Entrepreneurial Self-Analysis Case Solution & Answer

Supporting or Contradictory Evidence for Evaluating

The Aulive creativity test has been undertaken which also supports the above scenario as the score in creativity test is also below average. This is a proof or strong evidence that my creative thinking is below the par level, which is a major constraint towards my enterprising limitations. The test score indicates that I am persistent to some extent, but I feel less comfortable in managing bulky information and avoid complex situations. However, I may be strong as far as my perspective is concerned, but when it comes to motivating others and changing their perspective, I am less effective. Simultaneously, I feel less comfortable working with contradictory statements and seek clear guidance towards any task and am more concerned towards my individual performance and strive to give my input quite strongly.

My creative thinking is restricted which is also indicated by GET2 test, and the ability to think out of the box is missing. The test clearly supports that I am not a risk taker, nor I am willing to seek opportunities in which the results are not assured. Furthermore, I believe in staying on course with others and follow the paths that are already being followed………………………

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Entrepreneurial Self-Analysis Case Solution
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