Entrepreneurial Self Analysis Case Solution

Results and Meanings of Get Test

            After taking the test of general enterprising tendency, it describes about the strengths and weaknesses that to what extent I am involved in the enterprising characteristics. According to the score it suggests that I have likely to have strengths in the enterprising characteristics but this time I am not ready for running up a growth oriented global business and I can involve in enterprising making an effort to work or might be capable of doing such things that can define me as an enterprise.

            As related to my need of achievement it describes that I have a need for achievement, I have the capability to learn, to assess and to analyze in an environment which can lead towards in a way to enter in a corporate world  and to seek the opportunities that can become a success by availing those opportunities. At this stage I need to develop my skills and have to develop strong leadership qualities in order to make my qualities better so that it would help me in making accurate decisions. I need to try and test my skills that can fit into my lifestyle, need to develop ideas that are more advanced and can help in future.

            As related to the calculated risk, I am not a risk taker. I want things to be perfect and to be done in an effective manner. I am a Type-B personality and prefer to work slowly and efficiently.  Although for becoming or starting a new venture leadership skills, risk taking and self confidence matters, as I am not into it. Being a leader it is important to be more focus on responsibility and I cannot consider myself as a good leader. I would prefer to work in a team rather than doing it individually. I should also focus on my confidence level to be gained more and can develop more ideas to reach that level which defines me as an enterprise. I can develop my self confidence by working into small projects while working on my skills that can fit into those projects.

            The test results somehow describes that I can be the decision maker but according to my current results I should be more focused to work as an entrepreneur as a valuable member of an organization. To become a good entrepreneur, I have to work on a high need for achievement and to develop a high locus of control but not depending on others that can maintain and enhance my skills to prove myself as a good entrepreneur.  Depending on others can reduce my self confidence, I need to handle the situations individually in order to understand and analyze them in an effective manner that can give me an opportunity to work on my self confidence which is necessary for an enterprise.

Evidence that Supports or Contradicts Through “AULIVE” Test

            After giving AULIVE creativity test, it supports and it is related to the GET test results and shows that my personality is not typical according to my score which is low. This identifies about my personality traits that I am not a creative thinker and cannot considered to be as a good entrepreneur. This shows evidence that my creative thinking is not good enough and cannot generate ideas that define me as an enterprise.  However, being persistent I can work on the problems and it would not be difficult for me to turn those problems into the solutions. In different situations I can somehow manage information and have the ability to maintain the relationships from such information’s; wherever as compared to curiosity and paradox I am weak in that portion. I don’t have the ability to improve or change the things that I want to improve and can’t accept the statements until and unless I didn’t found any reason for that purpose. Related to my perspective I am good in that but when it comes to delivering my perceptions to other s I fail to provide them with my ideas and concepts. I want to work individually rather than working in a team so that I can come up with different thoughts.

The test clearly defines that I am not able to develop my creative thinking skills and determines that I should be more focused in doing individual projects so that I can be able to develop my ideas and seek for the opportunities………………..

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Entrepreneurial Self Analysis Case Solution
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